How to Use “You Can Go To Heaven”

Gospel Presentation Booklet
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Plan to spend at least one half hour studying or explaining these pictures.  Note that Jesus is shown with the same characteristics as God.  This helps explain how Jesus can die for our sin.  The explanation below gives a few ideas for what to say on each page.  Naturally, you will want to explain more than what is stated below.  May the Lord help you lead many Deaf and hearing people to Christ using this booklet.     — For Deaf Souls, Jon Barr

Ideas to Explain on Each Page

  1. Ask, “Have you seen this?  Let me show you.”
  2. In the beginning, forever past, God lived.
  3. Who is God?  God is a Spirit.  God is real.
  4. God lives in Heaven.
  5. God can see all things.  God can always see you!
  6. God is all-powerful.  God can do anything!
  7. God is good.  He never does anything bad.  God has many more than 4 characteristics.
  8. God wrote the Bible.
  9. The Bible is good.
  10. (Change in concept.)  But, the devil is bad.
  11. The devil rebel against God.  He wants to be God.
  12. The devil will be put in Hell forever (in the future).
  13. Now, the devil tempts people with sin (anger, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, murder & violence).
  14. What is sin?  Sin is wrong (also many other sins). Sin is breaking God’s law (or not obeying God’s law).
  15. Do you love and obey the Bible?  Why do you do wrong?  (Past?)  God says all people (you) have sin.
  16. Sin separates you from God.  Sin goes to …
  17. … Hell, forever.
  18. When a person dies with sin, 1) the body is put into the ground, 2) the soul is put into Hell, forever.
  19. BUT, God loves you!  He has a plan for you.
  20. God left Heaven …
  21. … and was born in a body — JESUS.  (Christmas)  Jesus is “God with us.”
  22. Jesus grew.  Notice he was the same as God.  He never sinned.  (Notice the character of God in Jesus.)
  23. Jesus was baptized, then he started his ministry.
  24. Jesus healed the blind.  He did many good things.
  25. The blind became seeing.
  26. Jesus raised the dead.  Lazarus was dead for four days.  (Jesus is motioning for Lazarus to arise.)
  27. Lazarus arose.
  28. Later, Jesus died on the cross.  Why?  For our sins.
  29. Jesus accepted your sins on himself.
  30. Jesus died for (exchange) you.
  31. And He was buried …
  32. … Three days later …
  33. Jesus arose.
  34. Later, Jesus went up to Heaven.  (Over 500 people saw Jesus after His resurrection — I Cor. 15:1-8.)
  35. (Change in concept) Jesus died in your place.  (Sign, “Exchange.”)
  36. Jesus took your sin so you can have His righteousness (Sign, “Right, clean”).
  37. A person who has Jesus, you will go to Heaven!  Your body will be put in the ground, but your soul (you) will go to Heaven with God and Jesus.  (Compare with page 18 – do not have Jesus.)
  38. Not want sin and accept Jesus, goes to Heaven.
  39. But not want Jesus and want sin, goes to Hell.  (These two pictures show the idea of repentance.)
  40.  You have a choice.  Follow Jesus’ way and go to Heaven or follow sin’s way and go to Hell.
  41. Let’s review (Sign, “Summarize”).  1) All have sin.  I have sin.  You have sin.  2) Your sin will be punished in Hell forever.  3) Jesus died for (exchange) your sin.  4) Accept Jesus and be saved.  Jesus will take away your sin.
  42. Which do you want, Jesus …
  43. … or sin?  (This is the point of decision.)
  44. Which?  Will you accept Jesus? Not want sin?
  45. (Lead the person through a prayer to receive and follow Jesus.  This page can be copied and put in the person’s Bible as a reminder of his salvation.)
  46. (Explain that the person should now follow Jesus – 1) Get baptized (like Jesus), 2) Go to church, 3) Read the Bible, 4) Pray, and 5) Grow in Christ!)
  47. The person can send this information to Silent Word Ministries and we will send more helpful literature.
  48. Church address goes here.

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