The Story of SWM

Questions often asked are, “How did you start working with the deaf? How did it all begin?”

It began in the summer of 1966 when Clifford Smith, missionary to the deaf, was scheduled to speak at our church, Beulah Chapel Baptist of Flat Rock, Alabama. On the afternoon of his appointment, he visited our community and found three deaf families. That night, these families attended the services with him. We were very surprised to have deaf people in our church and also to learn that they lived in our community. This was our first contact with deaf people. The missionary presented his work, and for the first time we witnessed how deaf people could worship with hearing people. Clifford’s wife, Helen, interpreted as he preached his sermon. He told us how the deaf were being overlooked in the field of Christianity. The missionary left, but the burden remained. In one service, Mrs. Edna Earnest came forward and told the church she felt a desire to work with the deaf. We had to start a deaf ministry…

This is the story of Ted and Carlene Camp
and how God led two people into the exciting, unique ministry of the deaf world.

Click the link below to read or download the full story,
as told by Dr. Ted Camp, Founder.

The Story of SWM (PDF)

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