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Welcome to the SWM Teaching and Training Bible Institute (T&T)

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This correspondence program is designed for deaf ministries and serious Bible students to learn subjects in an easy-to-understand format. This is not college, but is an ongoing program with no graduation.  Students can enroll in new courses as they are available.  The goal is help students learn and use their knowledge in serving the Lord.

Who can enroll?

  • Deaf ministry leaders can enroll many students from their ministry or from the community.
  • Individuals – Deaf or Hearing

How does this program work?tt dvd menu portrait

How long does each course take?

  • Individual students work at their own pace.
  • Classes work together slowly.
  • Normally each course takes one or two months to complete.
  • Each course has 4 classes. Study one class every week or every two weeks. Discuss the course with the supervisor until the information is clear. Then take the test.

What is a supervisor?

  • Individuals enrolled in the T&T may choose a supervisor from their church.
  • Deaf ministry leaders or Deaf pastors may serve as a supervisor.
  • A supervisor is responsible to help tutor students, observe during the test, and send the test to SWM.

What courses are available? — The first series is Bible Doctrines. Courses include:

  1. Bibliology – The Doctrine of the Bible
  2. Theology Proper – The Doctrine of God
  3. Angelology – The Doctrine of Angels

How will this program help me?

  • Courses help prepare students to teach others (Deaf or hearing).
  • Hearing can become better interpreters or teachers.
  • Students may eventually transfer to Bible college or prepare for the Gospel ministry

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Welcome to the Silent Word Ministries’ Teaching and Training Bible Institute (T&T).

We are glad you have decided to study and improve your knowledge and abilities. This program is designed to teach courses in an easy-to-understand format. Our goal is for you to learn, then use your knowledge in serving the Lord. This is an ongoing program. You can enroll in new courses as they are available. Here is how the program works.

First, enroll in the T&T Bible Institute program at our website or by writing Silent Word Ministries. The addresses will be shown at the end of this video.

When your material arrives, you will notice there are several things included. There is a manual to study, videos to watch, a checklist to complete, and a test in a sealed envelope. Please do not open the test. It should only be opened by the person supervising your test. Follow the instructions on the checklist to begin your study.

You will watch each class and read the assigned material. You may review the classes as often as needed. Read and study the textbook until you feel comfortable that you know the material. When you are ready to take the test, you will need a supervisor to help you.

The supervisor will open the test and read the enclosed instructions. For most classes there is no time limit on the test, so take your time and read each question carefully. When you are finished, give the test to the supervisor. If you are enrolling in another course, also give the new enrollment form and your payment to the supervisor. The supervisor will send the test to SWM. If you receive a passing grade, you will receive the next course in the mail within a few weeks.

That is all. Our desire is for you to improve your knowledge and abilities and to serve the Lord better in the days ahead. Please let us know when we can be of help to you or your deaf ministry.

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