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SWM World Round-2inch-webThe Silent Word Mission Board is one of several ministries of SWM. The SWM home office is a clearinghouse and headquarters for SWMB missionaries. SWMB is unique, as it specializes in the Deaf world.  The Great Commission, “Go into all the world” also includes the Deaf world. Our burden since 1966 is simply to tell the Deaf “More About Jesus!”

  1. SWM Mission Board (SWMB) specializes in helping hearing and deaf missionaries reach the Deaf for Christ worldwide. If God has called you to the deaf ministry, you should consider SWMB, under the direction of Jon Barr and Jim Bracelin.
  2. SWM “Ministry of Helps” opens doors of opportunity for many to serve the Lord full time or temporarily in their areas of expertise and on their schedule. Programs include team mission trips (both USA and foreign) and short-term and volunteer programs. Come help us. God can use senior citizens and so can Silent Word Ministries.
  3. SWM International specializes in foreign missions and special “team” mission trips under the direction of veteran foreign missionary, David Bennett.
  4. SWM Regional Directors are qualified hearing people with a good knowledge of the Bible and sign language, who represent SWM in a region by conducting Fantastic Saturdays, assisting deaf ministries, and in other meetings.

SWMB and the Local Church

SWMB is not a sending agency, but a serving agency. Each SWMB missionary is required to be sent from a like-minded local church. SWMB assists and acts as an extension of the local church to reach the Deaf for Christ. Although some churches are able to send missionaries from their own established church mission board, most churches only have a mission program, not a mission board. Many churches request the help of a mission board to adequately serve their missionaries.

SWMB does not circumvent or replace the authority of the local church, but simply provides a mission board to assist local churches in their worldwide mission program, especially with the Deaf. SWMB helps legitimize missionaries to local churches and helps churches ensure adequate screening of missionary candidates and supervision of missionaries regarding finances, character, doctrine, integrity, callings, and accountability. Missionaries are required to practice Biblical standards of moral, financial and doctrinal integrity. In the event of a missionary failure, sin or ministry problem, the supporting church is notified. If a missionary family needs personal counseling, they are referred to their sending church and pastor for restoration. The goal is to work with the local church to restore the missionary to productive service.

SWMB does not micromanage missionaries, but seeks to help each missionary reach his fullest potential for the Lord. Each missionary is given freedom to fulfill his God-given vision. Each missionary is required to be accountable to his supporters, mission board, sending church, membership church, and God. He and his family are to maintain a good report and to be faithful in all areas of the ministry, including his home church when not involved in other ministry responsibilities. A sound, solid work ethic is expected from all missionaries.

SWMB missionaries receive 100% of all support and gifts as designated.

SWM’s Burden
Tell the Deaf “More About Jesus.”

SWMB seeks to maintain integrity and credibility at all times within the ministry by providing financial accountability to the IRS, local churches and individual supporters. A CPA reviews all financial statements and submits the annual IRS report. The mission board also has a program to allow missionary candidates to have supplemental employment while on deputation. SWMB advises each missionary to become debt free before serving as a full-time missionary.

SWMB or Other Mission Boards

SWMB Retreat 2015-web-smSWMB missionaries can receive immediate exposure through a trusted and respected ministry with credibility in the Deaf world. SWMB has the expertise and programs to help missionaries serve in all areas of the Deaf ministry. Naturally, there are many good boards that can help in other areas, but SWMB specializes in deaf ministry.

SWMB is a “team” of like-minded missionaries working together to reach the Deaf world for Christ. This is a ministry of leaders training leaders to minister to Deaf people and Deaf ministries worldwide. Please feel free to visit our home office or visit for more helpful information.

Come Help Us!

SWMB opens the door for those called or burdened for the Deaf. If you are interested in serving the Lord with SWMB, we have several programs where you can serve.

  • Full-time Missionary
  • Regional Director
  • Short-term Missionary
  • Ministry of Helps
  • Mission Team Trip

Go Into All The Deaf World With The Gospel, both in the USA and in foreign countries. Help us as we also help you. “Together” we can reach the Deaf World for Christ.

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