SWM Leadership

Silent Word Ministries, Inc.


Founders – Ted & Carlene Camp

Dr. Ted Camp began preaching in June, 1963. He has served as pastor of three churches. In 1966, Ted was pastoring a growing church when Alvin Spurgin, a deaf man, sang “More about Jesus would I know”. From that time, Ted and Carlene began working with deaf people. At first, they printed a small newspaper, “The Silent Word,” as well as working with local deaf people. Later, they moved their ministry to Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and served for 20 years with the Bill Rice Ranch. During that time, there was a high of over 1000 deaf people attending during the summer. In 1977, he was one of the first men to receive an honorary doctorate degree because of his literature and ministry to the deaf world.

In 1994, the Lord led the Camps back to their roots in Trenton, Georgia, to continue Silent Word Ministries. Their goal has always been to “Tell the Deaf more about Jesus.” Since then the ministry has grown wonderfully. Today Silent Word Ministries is a world-wide ministry, reaching many deaf people each year with the Gospel.

President & Bookkeeper – Jon & Diane Barr

Jon and Diane Barr have been missionaries to deaf people since 1984. They are graduates of Bob Jones University. In 1976, Jon learned Sign Language from a missionary who came to his church in Florida, and later, became a certified interpreter. Jon and Diane were married in 1981, and served at Palm Springs Drive Baptist Church in Altamonte Springs, Florida, as Pastor to the Deaf and Christian school teachers under Pastor Loyal Carlson. Palm Springs Drive Baptist is the Barr’s missionary sending church.

In 2000, the Barrs merged their missionary work with SWM, and Jon Barr was appointed by Ted Camp to be the president. Jon brought his expertise in the areas of the Internet, videos, computers, Sign Language and Deaf ministries. He produces SWM videos, DVDs, and the web page, and assists in all areas of the ministry. Diane, his wife, serves as the bookkeeper, assisting in office operations. She serves on the Executive Operating Board. Jon Barr is able and qualified to continue the operations of SWM. The Barrs’ burden is to start deaf ministries, strengthen existing deaf ministries, and create materials which can be used to teach deaf people the Good News of God’s Word. Their two adult children, Rebekah and Joshua, also know Sign Language.

Vice President & NE Director – Jim (& Terry) Bracelin

Jim and Terry Bracelin were raised in Christian families and received Christ early in life. They attended Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, PA. They first met Ted and Carlene Camp during an evangelistic meeting at the Church of the Open Door in Westminster, MD in the early 80’s. In 1999, during a meeting with Ted Camp, God touched Jim’s heart with the need to reach deaf people with the Gospel. He later became a senior pastor at Calvary Bible Church in PA.

Jim and Terry now minister to deaf and deaf ministries in the Northeast, Canada, and the Ukraine as directors of SWM Northeast with their headquarters in Pennsylvania. Jim is an avid soul-winner and has been appointed by Ted Camp to be vice president of SWM. As missionaries, the Bracelins hold Fantastic Saturdays, evangelistic meetings with the deaf, start deaf ministries, and help existing deaf ministries. They are thrilled to be able to serve with SWM and to reach the Deaf world for Christ.

SWM International Director – David (& Vicki) Bennett

David and Vicki Bennett were first appointed as missionaries to the country of Brazil in 1979. Along with their family, they served the Lord faithfully in Brazil for twenty-five years. In 2004, David and Vicki joined Silent Word Ministries and opened up an international department with the goal of reaching more Deaf for Christ around the world. David speaks in missions conferences in churches and colleges, challenging young and old alike with the need of missions, and specifically with the need to reach the Deaf internationally. He travels to foreign countries, surveying them for Deaf ministry. He seeks new missionaries in the USA for these foreign fields where the needs are greatest and challenges many nationals to fulfill the Great Commission by also reaching out to the Deaf both in their own country and surrounding countries. David works with local churches to set up missions conferences and counsels churches as to how to improve upon their past conferences. David has led several mission teams to the Deaflympics and DeafNation World Expos. David and Vicki have 10 children. Their family is supported prayerfully and financially by local churches and Christian individuals who are burdened for lost Deaf people around the world.

SWM Executive Operating Board (EOB)

  • Ted Camp – Executive Director
  • Jon Barr – Director of Operations, Director of SWMission Board
  • Jim Bracelin – Director of SWM Outreach Ministries
  • Assistants – Carlene Camp, Diane Barr, Terry Bracelin

Silent Word Ministries Board Members

  • Don Baker
  • Jon & Diane Barr
  • Jim & Terry Bracelin
  • Ted & Carlene Camp
  • Jack Case
  • Larry Case
  • Louise Case
  • Lee Clemmons
  • Bill R. Gearrin
  • Jerry Grisham
  • Keith Hamilton
  • Janie Joiner
  • Frank Rasmussen
  • Dr. Reggie Rempel
  • Bob Van Sant
  • Calvin & Pam Spurgin
  • Mike Tate
  • Johnny Warren


  • Danny Bradford
  • Anthony Dugan
  • Eddy Gifford
  • Henry Smith

Ministry Spiritual Advisor

  • Dr. Kenneth Walters (Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, SC)

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