Our Mission Team

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Ted & Carlene Camp
Mission Statement: “But We Will Give Ourselves … To The Ministry Of The Word” — To The Deaf — (Acts 6:4)
Contact Ted & CarleneSilent Word Ministries
Jon & Diane Barr
Mission Statement: “Training Deaf & Hearing People To Reach The Deaf World For Christ”
Contact Jon & DianeSWM FacebookJDBarr.com
Jim & Terry Bracelin
Outreach Ministries
Mission Statement: “Serving People To See Deaf Saved And Discipled” II Corinthians 4:5
Contact Jim & TerryBootcamp4Deaf.comDeaf Vital Signs
Frank & Ursala Rasmussen

SWM Missionaries

Allen Snare
Deaf Evangelist
Mission Statement: “My Heart’s Desire Is To See More Deaf Saved.”
Contact Allen
Reed & Donna Condra
SWM Missionaries
Mission Statement: “But We Will Give Ourselves … To The Ministry Of The Word … So Deaf People Will Be Saved … Families Strengthened … Churches Served” Acts 6:4.
Contact Reed & DonnaReedandDonna.com
Paul & Rachel Strosnider
Church-planting Missionaries to the Deaf
Mission Statement: “Planting Deaf Churches to Fulfill the Great Commission”
Contact Paul & Rachel
Bud & Jenna Ring
SWM Missionaries
Contact Bud & Jenna
Tabitha Beam
Home Office Missionary
Contact TabithaTabithaBeam.com

Ministry of Helps

Larry & Diana Galyen
Technical Helps & Marketplace Evangelism
Mission Statement: Sharing the Word of God in the Printed Word, In Digital World, With our Hands From our Hearts.
Contact Larry & Diana

SWM International Missionaries

David & Vicki Bennett
SWM International Director
Contact David & VickiSWMISWM International
Nicole Condra
SWMI Missionary - Romania
Contact NicoleNicoleCondra.com
Bruce & Amanda Stuart
SWMI Missionaries - Gabon, Africa
Contact Bruce & AmandaStuarts2Gabon.com

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