Ministry of Helps Program

Silent Word Ministries realizes that our ministry would not be possible without the many volunteers who use their God-given abilities to serve (Romans 12:1-2). Many of these are of retirement age, but they want to use their remaining years to serve the Lord full time. Others are young, and desire to give some of their time to help us minister to Deaf people.

Silent Word Ministries opens the door for qualified people to serve the Lord with SWM. Under the Ministry of “Helps”, you may not be an evangelist, preacher, or pastor, but you can serve God using your God-Given abilities. Ordination is not required for the Ministry of Helps program.

Are you interested in an SWM Internship, Short-Term Projects, or Volunteer Programs?

You can help us and we can help you. This team program is designed to help both of us fulfill the Great Commission unto the Deaf world. Our ministry specializes in Deaf ministries, but we need help in many different areas to maintain our ministry. SWM maintains a good local deaf ministry, an institute program, a publishing and printing shop, and a video ministry. SWM also conducts special meetings in many major cities. At times, we make foreign mission team trips to conduct deaf outreach ministries, surveys and deaf camps.

With the Ministry of “Helps” you can help and assist in many areas of our local, nationwide and worldwide deaf ministries using your skills and abilities. You will receive teaching, training and experience that will better prepare you in the ministry to the Deaf. Together we can do more to reach the Deaf world for Christ.

  • Internship Program

As needs arise, volunteers can come to SWM for 1 week to 3 months or more to receive hands-on training. SWM benefits from the help, and the intern learns from the many years of experience at SWM.

  • Team Projects

SWM International organizes special team outreaches into the deaf world. Qualified people can serve as a short-term missionary for one-week to three months, depending upon the need and project. Previous short-term mission teams include outreaches to the Deaf Olympics and DeafNation events.

  • Volunteer Program

Volunteers can help SWM in general daily operations of the office, grounds, or print shop area. One man said, “God wants me to help you.” Ted Camp responded, “What do you do?” He replied, “I build churches.” Soon the SWM office was completed. Volunteers have also helped SWM in the following areas…

Office • Typing • Proofreading • Videography • Video Production
Photography • Internet • Graphic Design • Website Design
Construction • Electrical • Mechanical • Maintenance
Landscaping • Grounds • General Help • Plus Other Areas

Your different areas of expertise and skills can help SWM in reaching the Deaf world for Christ. Together we can accomplish more!

  • Missionary Program

The Ministry of “Helps” program is for volunteers sent by their local church with a special burden to assist SWM in areas of their expertise. Knowledge of sign language is not required, although it may be helpful. These qualified people join with the purpose of helping SWM fulfill the “Great Commission” to “Go into all the world,” to reach and teach the Deaf for Christ. They may be retired from other vocations or have other income that allows them to serve the Lord without the need to raise full missionary support. Partial support may be raised, depending on need. They work together to help the SWM T.E.A.M. — Together Everyone Accomplishes More

Anyone interested in joining the SWM Ministry of “Helps” program must apply through the Silent Word Mission Board application process for approval.

Click here for more about the Silent Word Mission Board.


The SWMB is a serving agency and acts as an extension of the local church to reach the Deaf for Christ. Each SWMB missionary is required to be sent from a local church. SWMB screens missionary candidates regarding finances, character, doctrine, integrity, and calling. SWMB can help local churches to ensure adequate supervision of missionaries in practicing moral, financial and doctrinal integrity. When personal counseling is needed, missionaries are referred back to their sending church and pastor.

All SWMB missionaries and those in the Ministry of “Helps” must agree to the SWM Articles of Faith and Guidelines.

Finances – Each SWM volunteer, intern, team missions member, and Ministry of “Helps” volunteer is responsible to raise his needed support Volunteers, interns, and short-term missionaries will be advised regarding recommended needed support amount for each project or mission trip. Those in the Ministry of “Helps” may already have income from other sources and only need to raise supplemental support to function. A support level is based upon each individual needs and budget.

Support, gifts, and mission project funds are received through SWM, and a separate bookkeeping account is created to handle these tax-deductible funds. According to IRS regulations, all funds must be used as designated. It is SWM’s policy that SWMB missionaries receive 100% of support and gifts as designated. An escrow account will be created to hold funds until needed for special projects.

Are You Interested?

Are you interested in knowing more about how you could serve with SWM as a volunteer, intern, mission team member, or in the Ministry of “Helps” program? Is God calling you to the Ministry of “Helps”? Do you want to help SWM reach the Deaf world for Christ? This special program permits many, including senior citizens, to serve within their areas of expertise and within their time schedule.

God can use senior citizens, young adults, Deaf & hearing people, professionals & laymen …
…and so can Silent Word Ministries!

Contact Jon Barr, SWM President, for more information.

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