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Estate Planning

“Do your giving while you’re living, so you’ll be knowing where it is going!”

Leave a legacy by designating SWM as a beneficiary in your insurance policies and investment accounts. Contact your agent or financial planner for more information. Thank you for remembering this unique missionary ministry to the Deaf.

Designate: Silent Word Ministries • PO Box 889 • Trenton, GA 30752-0889 • Phone 706-657-8000

Ted Camp

Founded in 1966 by Dr. Ted Camp, Silent Word Ministries has been a trusted and Biblical ministry to Deaf people worldwide. The Lord has used SWM to bring thousands to salvation in Christ, establish and help many deaf ministries, and teach the Bible to multitudes of Deaf people. Hundreds of churches and individuals have sacrificially given to SWM to help us reach and teach the Deaf. Some people ask, “How can I continue to help reach and teach Deaf people, even after I have gone to heaven?” One way is to include SWM in your estate planning.


Jon Barr

For more information, contact Jon Barr, President.

SWM Office: 706-657-8000 or Email

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