ASLI Topics

ASL Institute – For Hearing:

“Something For All Signers of ALL LEVELS”

Plan now to attend the Silent Word Ministries Annual ASLI!
Signers of all skill levels will benefit from the helpful classes and encouraging services.
Learn how to have a better deaf ministry!

Topics for 2018 (Begin on Thursday Night)

Opening message by Dr. Ted Camp, SWM Founder (South only).

Intermediate and Advanced:

  • Wonderful World of Deaf – Jon Barr – A practical look into Deaf Culture
  • Why We Do What We Do – Carlene Camp – The heart of the deaf ministry
  • Put the Bible on Your Face – Jon Barr – 4 Hours describing, imitating, and practicing over 50 mouth movements using Bible verses
  • ASL Grammar 101 – Diane Barr – 4 Hours of basic ASL grammar rules and practice
  • Open the Classifier Door – Jon Barr – Using hand shapes to make your communication more clear and help you understand ASL better
  • Voicing 101 – Rachel Strosnider – Practical ways to turn sign language into clear spoken English

Beginner ASL Class (Rachel Strosnider):

  • Learn ABCs, Easy Signs, Introduction to Deaf Culture
  • Start from the Beginning – Learn Basics of ASL
  • Learn over 400 signs in 3 days

Presenters & Speakers:

(Speakers may vary depending on location and availability.)

  • Jon & Diane Barr
  • Ted & Carlene Camp (South only)
  • Jim & Terry Bracelin (North and Midwest only)
  • Allen Snare (North and Midwest only – Deaf Bible Conference)
  • Reed Condra (South only – Deaf Bible Conference)
  • Tabitha Beam & Rachel Strosnider  (South only)

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