Thank you for considering serving the Lord with Silent Word Ministries.

The Silent Word Mission Board (SWMB) has 3 parts – International (SWMI), USA (SWM), and Ministry of Helps (SWM Office). Our focus is Deaf people… “Go ye into all the (DEAF) world” (Mark 16:15).


The Silent Word Mission Board (SWMB) is one of several ministries of SWM. The SWM home office is a clearinghouse and headquarters for SWMB missionaries. The SWMB is unique, as we specialize in the Deaf world. The Great Commission, “Go into all the world” also includes the Deaf world. Our burden since 1966 is simply to tell the Deaf “More About Jesus!”

The SWMB specializes in helping hearing and deaf missionaries reach the Deaf for Christ worldwide. If God has called you to the deaf ministry, you should consider SWMB. Qualified people may apply as full-time missionaries. You tell us your God-given burden. We will help you accomplish that calling. Note: International missionaries will apply under SWMI, our SWM International division of the SWMB.

Finances: SWMB Missionaries must raise their own support (ordination or commission required).

Ministry of Helps

Silent Word Ministries opens the door for qualified people to serve the Lord with SWM. Under the Ministry of “Helps”, you may not be an evangelist, preacher, or pastor, but you can serve God using your God-Given abilities. Ordination is not required for the Ministry of Helps program.

This team program is designed to help both of us fulfill the Great Commission unto the Deaf world. SWM specializes in Deaf ministries, but we need help in many different areas to maintain our ministry. You can help and assist using your skills and abilities in our local deaf ministry, institute program, publishing and printing, video ministry, special meetings in many major cities, and foreign mission team trips. Together we can do more to reach the Deaf world for Christ.

Finances: Ministry of Helps people must have some other means of support (retirement, Social Security, etc.).


Silent Word Ministries accepts short-term volunteers to serve in our home office. Many volunteers are from the local area, but some come from great distances to help with special projects, while on vacation, or when just passing through.

Finances: Volunteers must have some other means of support (retirement, Social Security, etc.).

Note: Volunteers are always welcome — no application necessary. Please contact the SWM office to let us know your plans.

SWM is an independent, Baptist, missionary ministry which depends on volunteers, donations, and support from churches and individuals. Again, thank you for considering Silent Word Ministries.

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