Loving Moments Make Lasting Memories

Dr. Ted Camp Founder, Overseer

“Then remembered they that these things were written of him” (John 12:16). The disciples remembered precious moments they had with the Lord. They remembered moments they walked with Him on roadsides, through corn fields, and many special times in the garden. They remembered how they talked with Him about His teachings and things to come. They remembered times of togetherness on boats, in homes and breaking of bread. They remembered and shared with one another these precious memories. What makes memories precious? A memory is recalling or thinking of something memorial in the past. An experience that touched or effected our lives. A time that changed our lives forever. Some memories are only precious to the affected person. Our precious memories may only be precious to us. Also things we experience this week could become a precious memory. Most precious memories involve people and not things. The best things in life are not things. God is only interested in people. I often say, “Don’t love things, love people.”Little loving things can later become memories. Just a look or word can become memorial. A little timely touch can mean very much. Refreshing moments are remembered moments (2 Tim. 1:16). I say, Loving moments make lasting memories.”Even pleasant moments can become precious memories. Mrs. Lee Roberson told the story of a time she planned to buy a new bedspread. But after looking at the old one, she changed her mind. Why? Because she and her husband had devotions each night kneeling by the bedside and holding hands to pray together. She looked and there was a worn spot on the bedspread where they laid their hands each night. That worn spot held many precious memories to her. The old bedspread meant nothing to others, but to her it became one of her cherished precious memories. A couple kept a fire truck on their mantle. Someone said, “You have no children. Why do you have a firetruck on the mantle?” They replied, “We did have a son and that was his favorite toy.” They loved the toy because their son loved the toy. It was precious to him, so it became precious to them. The loving moments we share with love ones and friends will later become lasting memories. So let’s make more moments become more memories. Invest in people. Listen to others. Share your love with those you love. Take time to build good memories. Today look for moments to make memories for tomorrow. Today is a good day to have a good day. Loving moments make lasting memories.


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