2019-02 – February/March

Dear Friends,

Philip ran to the Ethiopian man’s chariot and asked the question, “Understandest thou what thou readest?” The response was, “How can I, except some man should guide me?” (Acts 8:30-31). This high-ranking Ethiopian man had education, but not Bible knowledge. At Silent Word Ministries, it is our joy to represent you for Jesus Christ and share the Bible especially with Deaf people. Many do not know because no one has told them the Gospel in their language or in a way they can understand.

At our annual Board of Directors meeting in February, we shared of God’s rich blessings in and through our ministry. Ted Camp, SWM Overseer, reported SWM is solid financially. Jim Bracelin, SWM Vice President and Director of Outreach, demonstrated how SWM is reaching into the Deaf world with online videos. I reported how the influence of SWM continues to grow.

SWM’s “Good News for Deaf People” video (with Deaf Evangelist Ronnie Rice) has now been distributed (DVD) or viewed online 148,545 times. Last December we received an email telling how a deaf man in La Jalca, a small town in a remote area in Peru, viewed that video. Although no one present spoke his language, the report said it was apparent he trusted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Frank Rasmussen, SWM Advisor/Assistant, said it is amazing how SWM does so much with so little. After the meeting there was a fellowship in celebration of Ted and Carlene Camp’s 60th wedding anniversary! We are very grateful for the history, leadership, and blessings the Lord has given!

Growth and OutreachSWM began in 1966. In 1993 SWM relocated back “home” to Trenton, Georgia. In 1998 the Silent Word Mission Board was established, with Allen Snare as the first Deaf missionary. In 2004 Silent Word Ministries International began, giving SWM a truly international outreach, as David Bennett joined SWM. From a small newspaper, The Silent Word, to the Silent Word Ministry, to Silent Word Ministries, SWM continues to reach more and more people with the Gospel!

Please pray for and consider financial support for our mission team members and Silent Word Ministries:

  • Jon & Diane Barr • Missionary to Deaf • President • Director of Operations
  • Tabitha Beam • Home Office Missionary • Missionary to the Missionaries
  • David & Vicki Bennett • Missionary to Deaf • Director, SWM International
  • Jim & Terry Bracelin • Missionary to Deaf • VP • Director of Outreach & NE
  • Ted & Carlene Camp • Missionary to Deaf • SWM Overseer
  • Reed & Donna Condra • Missionary to Deaf • Teacher • Helper
  • Nicole Condra • Missionary to Deaf • Romania
  • Larry & Diana Galyen • Missionary, SWM Ministry of Helps
  • Bud & Jenna Ring • Missionary to Deaf • Canada
  • Allen Snare • Deaf Missionary to Deaf • SWM Printer
  • Paul & Rachel Strosnider • Missionary to Deaf • Church Planter
  • Bruce & Amanda Stuart • Missionary to Deaf • Gabon
  • Silent Word Ministries
  • Silent Word Ministries International

SWM mission team members receive 100% of the funds designated for them.)

Thank you for the privilege of representing you and the Lord as we fulfill the Great Commission into the Deaf “World.” One can accomplish much – many can accomplish much more!

For Deaf Souls,

Jon Barr
President, Director of Operations
Please review the missionary reports.
Also, please prayerfully consider the enclosed special Asphalt Project. (See Below) Thank you.
For Deaf Souls
Jon Barr

Tax-deductible gifts should be sent to “Silent Word Ministries” and designated with the mission team member’s last name, SWM, or SWMI.

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr are thankful for the recent opportunity to report to a local supporting church. An SWM Deaf choir accompanied them, and the congregation seemed to be blessed by both the singing and the presentation of the Deaf mission field. In January, Jon also, along with Dr. Lisa Godfrey, presented an ASL workshop to help local interpreters. And recently Diane taught the Ladies Chapel at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission, where one lady responded with, “Thanks. That was exactly what I needed tonight.”

David and Vicki Bennett report a wonderful 3-week trip to India for David. There were several saved, and many Christians made other decisions. He was able to preach in 6 different churches, give a testimony in one, and visit 2 others. He also taught a module at the seminary in Manipur.

Jim and Terry Bracelin have been working much on the video part of the ministry while not traveling so much in the Northeast during the winter months. Intern Steven Burns has been a great asset to the ministry.

Reed and Donna Condra report that it is a joy working with Deaf couples and their families. They are thankful for the helpers involved in Deaf ministry at Harvest Deaf Ministries.

Allen Snare continues to preach monthly for the Deaf ministry at Belle Meadows Baptist Church in Bristol, Tennessee. He also preached for a special Deaf rally in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are thankful for a hearing family that has been regularly visiting their church, and for the spiritual growth, they are seeing in some of the people they are disciplining one-on-one. Paul also had a great opportunity to share about Deaf ministry at a luncheon with the Missouri governor and a group of pastors from various parts of Missouri.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are enjoying being back on the deputation trail again – this time with their baby, Belle. In January they visited some supporting churches in Pennsylvania. They are amazed and thankful for the ways God has been providing for the unexpected extra costs of Belle’s early birth and time in NICU.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr would appreciate your prayers for the spring Fantastic Saturdays. There will be three in March – two in Georgia and one in South Carolina. In May, there will be two more in Phoenix and the Los Angeles area. Please pray also for their April trip to Israel, where they will be interpreting for some Deaf people as they get their first glimpse of the land where Jesus once lived and ministered.

David and Vicki Bennett ask prayer for David’s dad, who is ready to go to Heaven. Pray for David and Vicki as they care for him.

Jim and Terry Bracelin request prayer for Steven Burns as he prays about future plans for ministry. Please pray for upcoming preaching and workshop opportunities in New Jersey and Maryland. Please pray also for Palmetto Baptist Church, a Deaf church in South Carolina, as Jim meets with them.

Reed and Donna Condra ask you to pray for the sessions they teach at SWM spring Fantastic Saturdays to be very helpful for those couples attending.

Allen Snare requests special prayer for long-time Deaf ministry friend, Ronnie Rice (International Deaf Ministries). He has had major breathing problems due to asthma and pneumonia. Ronnie’s desire is to be back to preaching and teaching Deaf and hearing people in meetings all around America.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask prayer as they begin traveling again for safety, good meetings, and for God to touch hearts for missions and for the need in Gabon. In March, they will be involved in three missions conferences – two in South Carolina and one in Pennsylvania. Please also pray for new supporters, a full schedule, and several discipleship opportunities.

SWM asks prayer for more laborers, Deaf, and hearing, in the home office (especially in technology and maintenance), as missionaries and regional directors, as missionaries on foreign fields, and as workers in Deaf ministries all across America.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Jon Barr, Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Nicole Condra, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Bud Ring, Paul Strosnider, Bruce Stuart, and the SWM home office.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes
All support or gifts should be made to Silent Word Ministries or SWM. Then designate “For………..”

A Special Appeal to help SWM finish our unfinished project.
I call it “My Last Hurrah!” – Ted Camp

SWM Office Building #1 (2000) – #2 (2004) “Paved Parking Lot”

SWM Office Building #3 (2007) Unfinished Parking Lot Asphalt Paving — Cost $15,000

Good News! Cost $15,000 – A special donor has pledged to match one-half $7,500 if we raise the other half. It is stipulated that no existing SWM funds may be used. The $7,500 must be raised from new gifts. More Good News! One board member gave $1,000 and Carlene and I are giving $500. This leaves a balance of $6,000 to complete the project. Remember, whatever you give will be matched but we cannot begin until all funds raised. Will you help us with my last hurrah? – TC

SWM Parking Lot Asphalt $15,000 – Pledge: $7,500 matching fund
Received $1,500 – Need $6,000 to pave the #3 unfinished parking lot. Enclosed is my (Tax-Deducible) gift of $___________ for SWM asphalt parking lot. (All funds above project amount will be applied to needed office area landscaping.)

Name: _______________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
Silent Word Ministries – PO Box 889 – Trenton, GA 30752

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