2019-01 – Jan/Feb

Dear Friends,

First, I want to state, “We have a new year and I am still here!” Yea! Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019. We are happy to report that we again ended the year debt-free. People responded to the need of The Silent Word newspaper and the need was met as we closed the year. Thank you for your prayers and support for this unique ministry to the Deaf. This past year we had 565 reported salvation decisions from our 24/7/365 ministries. These are good and exciting days to evangelize the Deaf and to edify the church and Christians. Technology has increased our outreach ministries far beyond our expectations. We now have 9 websites that help to fulfill the Great Commission unto the Deaf world. Visit them and pray for our ministry as you view them: SilentWordMinistries.orgDeafBibleInstitute.orgNewspaper.SilentWordMinistries.orgSignTheBible.comFollow8Steps.orgDeatVitalSigns.comBootCamp4Deaf.comCatalog.SilentWordMinistries.org SWMI.org. These are important because the Deaf listen with their eyes, and they can now hear/see these ministries in both Sign Language and Voice. We are deafinitely reaching the deaf through these many outreach ministries. Also our SWM like-minded team members help to make this ministry possible. Please view their praises and prayer requests report on the back of this letter. They are worthy of your prayers and support.

Goal 2019: Making the Deaf world known to Churches, Communities, Countries and Christianity

What teaches and helps me, I give to others. I have enclosed a page from Critical Ministry Documents (NCLL.org). A past pastor friend, Rudy Holland, who is now with that ministry sent me the booklet. We try to obey both the law and the Lord in our ministry. I hope this page is helpful to you as it has been to me. – TC (1) “For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you” (Acts 17:23). (2)“And when the barbarians (people with an unknown language and God was unknown) saw the venomous beast hang on his hand, they said among themselves, No doubt this man is a murderer… but after they had looked a great while (obtained knowledge), and saw no harm come to him, they changed their minds, and said that he was a god” (Acts 28:4-6). (3)“I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise” (Rom. 1:14). Paul realized his calling from God was to make an unknown God known to not only the Jews, but also to the world, including those with different languages and unknown languages. This is our calling to make God known to Deaf people worldwide. Take “This” (Bible) to “Them.” Your prayers and support make our ministry possible. Thank you.

As Paul our goal is making the Deaf world known not only to Churches, Communities, Countries and Christianity, but also making God known unto the Deaf world. Many Deaf in this world still have an unknown God because they have an unknown language or no language. Ignorant does not mean stupid, but it simply means that they are without knowledge. The eunuch said, “How can I, except some man guide me” (Acts 8:31).Philip made God known to him. The Gospel requires communications with both parties understanding one another. We must make God and the Gospel known to them in their language or teach them a language. The Barbarians spoke with utterances of an unknown language as bar-bar-bar and were thus called Barbar-ians. Paul became a debtor (he owed them) to give the Gospel to all people, especially the Gentiles. God is only interested in people. SWM is also a debtor to all the world, but especially the Deaf. We now have the materials, methods, ministry, and means to expand and increase our outreach ministries to the Deaf world. This is the purpose of our existence and ministry. Join with us on this exciting journey to places and people unreached and where God is still unknown. When I was in the navy, during our drills we were often commanded, “Attention – Forward March.” The Lord still commands and commissions SWM and Christians, “Go into all the world” which includes the Deaf (Matthew 28:19). The Lord could say to all Christians, “Attention – Forward March.”

In His Name,

Ted Camp

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr thank the Lord for the work done by Melanie Johnson in her recent internship at SWM. She is a senior graphics design student at Pensacola Christian College and the daughter of Lee and Eva Johnson, missionaries to the Deaf in Peru. Melanie helped in designing a ministry banner and updating covers and labels for some SWM DVDs.

David and Vicki Bennett had three children get married in 2018. They also welcomed three more grandchildren, bringing the total to 6 with one more on the way. David is currently in India teaching about 25 pastors a seminary module, focusing on Spiritual Gifts. He will also spend some time challenging them with the need of reaching the deaf.

Jim and Terry Bracelin report that in 2018 they conducted 6 Fantastic Saturdays and 3 Deaf Days. They preached and taught over 225 times throughout the year, filmed and posted over 45 lessons to YouTube, filled the pulpit for 6 weeks in a supporting church, taught Sign Language, were involved in 3 missions conferences, and interpreted an Old Testament Survey class for a Bible college. All together they saw 240 people profess Christ through those opportunities, and over 150 more through preaching in a prison! Now they have a young man, Steven, interning with them for a year. He has some busy, productive missionaries to learn from!

Reed and Donna Condra report that December was a busy month at Harvest Baptist Church of the Deaf with classes, several activities, and their annual Christmas drama, where 3 people made professions of faith. Donna also led one lady to the Lord after teaching at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission.

Larry and Diana Galyen worked an evangelistic booth at several fairs and festivals during the fall in Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, Georgia, and Alabama. There were many souls saved in these events. Congratulations to the Galyens who recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!

Allen Snare had a very busy fall, preaching for Fantastic Saturdays in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. In most places on the Sunday after that meeting, he preached or taught in a church in the same area. He reports that through all his meetings in 2018, 23 people made professions of faith.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are grateful for several unsaved visitors at their church’s Christmas activity. Also, Paul has begun discipling Tom and Ken and continues to work with Brad (a deaf young man who recently preached for his fifth time). It is a blessing to see these men growing spiritually!

Bruce and Amanda Stuart were surprised by the early arrival of Belle Rosemary, their first child, on January 2. Belle has been steadily improving and will hopefully be going home soon. Congratulations Bruce and Amanda!

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr request prayer for the planning of the April 2019 tour of Israel for Deaf people. Please pray also for the spring Fantastic Saturdays starting at the end of February in Orlando, Florida.

David and Vicki Bennett ask prayer for a group of missionaries in the country of Papua New Guinea who are discussing a time frame for him to spend a month with them and train them in reaching the deaf of their mountainous area. These deaf people have no education and no language except for a few homemade signs. At this point have no opportunity to know Christ. David also plans to go to Honduras and Brazil in 2019 for more preaching and discipleship. Please also pray for David’s father who had a series of mini strokes right after Thanksgiving. He is now confined to a bed and David and Vicki care for him daily. Please pray especially for Vicki who shoulders this responsibility when David is traveling.

Jim and Terry Bracelin’s goal for 2019 is to stay under the leadership of the Holy Spirit and depend on His filling to provide the power to accomplish His will for them. Please pray for them.

Reed and Donna Condra ask prayer for Reed writing and teaching for couples and Donna’s teaching at the rescue mission.

Larry and Diana Galyen would like you to pray for their continued good health in 2019 so the can serve the Savior and for funds for their ministry travel. Pray also for their son, Benjamin, who is serving in the United Kingdom.

Allen Snare requests prayer for many meetings in 2019. He plans to continue faithfully serving the Lord and telling the Gospel to Deaf and hearing people in Deaf churches, Deaf ministries, Deaf camps, Fantastic Saturdays, and Deaf Bible conferences. His heart is burdened to see Deaf people saved. If you are interested in having him for a special meeting, contact him by email (Snare@SilentWord.org), by text (706-227-9788), or at the SWM office (706-657-8000).

Paul and Rachel Strosnider ask prayer for wisdom as they seek to guide the Deaf church to follow God and as they schedule deputation and report meetings for 2019. Pray that people who visit the church would join and help minister there. And pray for those being discipled to become teachers and leaders in the church.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for Belle to continue improving, to be home soon, and to be travel well as the Stuarts resume their deputation travels. Please pray for a full schedule of deputation meetings for 2019 and for more churches to partner with them to reach the lost in Gabon!

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