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Dear Friends,

When this ministry was started in 1966, it seems God gave me the gift to write and I love to write. In those early months we began to reach many Deaf with free literature, tracts, and Christian materials. During that time and even unto this day, we have had no competition. We sent our first “The Silent Word” newsletter, which later became a newspaper. We now have ten years of Sunday School lessons, many manuals, hundreds of booklets and pamphlets. In addition, we produce videos in signs and voice for churches, Deaf people, and ministries, and we present Bible studies online on YouTube, SigntheBible.com, and DeafVitalSigns.com. (You can also visit SilentWordMinistries.org.) Thousands have been saved primarily through and with the written word. I make the statement, “Without the Word of God, there is no Work of God. Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire) stated, “God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure.” I modified it, “God made me to write, and when I write, I feel His pleasure.” Currently, I am compiling my legacy series which includes “Ted’s Timely Thoughts That Teach.” My goal is to encourage others to use their God-given gifts to also serve the Lord (Pr. 18:16). These 30 short statements are from my 150 Short Statements that have inspired me throughout my ministry.

1. You cannot help someone who does not want help. 2. It is not what happens “to” you but “in” you that makes the difference. 3. Good Christians are always reasonable. 4. Always submit to authority in non-Scriptural areas. 5. Let nothing (nada – zilch – zero) be done through strife (Phil. 2:3). 6. God can use people who disagree with me. 7. Continue proven paths until the Lord changes them. 8. Involve another person in your ministry. It is good for both of you. 9. Seek to develop your ministry from within. 10. Good growth is usually gradual. 11. Past success does not guarantee future success. 12. Don’t develop a one-man, self-serving ministry. 13. Right Repetitions Reap Right Results. 14. Never sacrifice the ministry for yourself or for others. 15. Use people within their different comfort zones, gifts, and abilities. 16. Be willing to change because life continually changes. 17. Don’t let outside problems hinder your inward peace. 18. Your attitude is either your best friend or worst enemy. 19. Success is having respect from those who serve with you. 20. Be satisfied when you have done your best, and leave the rest to the Lord. 21. Don’t take your problems and business “home.” (Say: BG – business gone). 22. Seek to build only as the Lord guides and provides. 23. Don’t be greatly influenced by peers or pride. 24. Seek to build a ministry that will remain until the Lord returns (Phil. 1:6). 25. Always know who is “with” you and who you can trust. 26. You need to avoid, shun, and mark some people. 27. Pick your fights. You can beat a skunk or a pig, but it will not be worth it. 28. Know the difference in a “good” idea and “Godly” inspiration. 29. Be conscious of your “seasonal friends” God gives you along the way. 30. God is only interested in people. Don’t love things – love people.

“Loving Moments Make Lasting Memories.
(Note: If you want all 150 Short Statements (PDF) click here to request.

Ministry Reports – It is amazing to see our 25 team members constantly busy either coming or going. Some at this time are in Africa, some doing deputation, others preaching meetings and conducting conferences, and some teaching online. We seek to give our lives to our God-given callings. We are actively involved in a worldwide frontier Deaf ministry seeking to reach many who are still unreached. This year we have had 260 reported salvations through our many varied ministries which are 24/7/365. Thank you for investing and supporting SWM and our SWMB Team Members. (See their prayer and praise reports below.)

By the way, as I reported the salvation numbers, I thought, we see numbers but sometimes forget they have names. For example We read in Acts 3:41 that 3,000 souls were saved at Pentecost. We state only the number but forget they have names. They were 3,000 individual souls who experienced new, changed lives in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). As the numbers are reported, we also need to remember they have names and life-changing stories. The greatest testimony to the world continues to be a changed Christian life! The Lord is still in the life-changing business. I know, because He changed my life. Let’s never forget the value of one soul.

Thank you for your partnership with SWM and SWM team members. It is our policy to remain debt free and build only as the Lord provides. Our goal is to consider and concentrate on our core ministry to the Deaf worldwide. We are a transparent ministry you can trust! We greatly appreciate your faithfulness and trust.

We are here to serve,
Ted Camp
SWM Overseer

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr were involved with teaching workshops and presenting SWM materials at the 37th annual Silent Weekend in Orlando, Florida. This was a great opportunity to influence both church and secular interpreters. They and the SWM Team also report a great American Sign Language Institute and Deaf Bible Conference in Trenton, Georgia. Nearly 100 people from 8 different states were involved, and many, both Deaf and hearing, stated how encouraging and helpful it was to them, and the positive impact they thought it would have on their ministries.

Nicole Condra reports that deputation is going well and that her support is now at 71%. She is also thankful for her mission board (SWMI) and their involvement in preparing each missionary for the field. She attended the annual Focus Seminar in June, learning more about Deaf Church Planting and Deaf Ministry Philosophy and Methodology.

Reed and Donna Condra praise the Lord for His goodness to them in family, church, and ministry. They continue to teach for Deaf couples at Harvest Deaf Baptist Church, and Donna regularly speaks for ladies at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission.

Bud and Jenna Ring have been traveling west across Canada. They presented their ministry in 2 churches in Ontario and 3 churches in Alberta. They also taught Sign Language classes in Alberta, where a church member has a Deaf stepfather, and one in Ontario, where over 30 people attended the classes. They already have some Deaf contacts. The church is excited to see what God will do through them with the Deaf in their area!

Allen Snare has been preaching for Deaf camps at the Bill Rice Ranch this summer. He reports that 6 Deaf people were saved during the first week and 2 more were saved during the second week.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider and Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf celebrated the church’s 13th anniversary in June. During the special meetings, 6 people made decisions of surrender. The Strosniders are also excited to report that their support has increased to 89%.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are thankful for the training they received at the SWMI Focus Seminar in Georgia. The focus was on starting a Deaf church and differentiating between a deaf ministry and simply interpreting messages. Next they presented their ministry in the South before traveling to Pennsylvania to help in a Vacation Bible School. There they led music, told missionary stories, did skits and taught a class. Then on July 10, they left for Liberia and the Ivory Coast for a 5-week mission trip. Their exciting family news is that they are expecting their first baby in February 2019.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr would appreciate your prayers for the Pennsylvania ASL Institute / Deaf Bible Conference at the beginning of August. Then the Silent Word Mission Board (missionaries and Ministry of Helps) will meet for a time of training, encouragement, and team-building. This is followed by a meeting of the Executive Operating Board. Please pray that these meetings will help SWM to be more effective and to have a greater outreach in reaching the Deaf world for Christ.

Tabitha Beam requests prayer for inexpensive airline tickets and wisdom in planning for her upcoming trip (September 4-10) to Canada. She will be visiting SWM missionaries Bud & Jenna Ring and assisting with their Deaf “Revival Signs” conference along with the Bracelins and Allen Snare.

David and Vicki Bennett ask you to please continue praying for the SWMI team in Africa. After 3 weeks in Liberia working with churches and Christian schools, and making contacts with key people for future ministry there (including a possible orphanage), they will move the first of August to Ivory Coast. There they will have a variety of ministry including helping with a Vacation Bible School. In addition to their ministry, please pray for their health, safety, wisdom for decisions, witnessing opportunities, and communication. Pray for God to work in the hearts of the team members as well as those whom they meet.

Nicole Condra asks you to pray with her that God would raise up Godly men and women to reach Deaf people in Romania! Pray also that she would live wholly for God in all she does.

Bud and Jenna Ring request prayer for those people learning signs to quickly pick up skill in the language. Pray also for Deaf people to have soft hearts to the Gospel and for the new church ministries to be effective in reaching them.

Allen Snare needs your prayers as he continues preaching for summer Deaf camps at the Bill Rice Ranch and the Pennsylvania Deaf and Family Camp. He will also lead the SWM Deaf Bible Conference in Pennsylvania in August.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider would like you to pray for wisdom as they teach a class on finances to help their church members become better stewards of what God has given them. Debbie has been coming to the classes and visiting on Wednesday nights. Please pray that God would open her heart to salvation.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask that you pray for safety and protection during their short-term ministry in Africa. Pray for a healthy pregnancy as well.

SWM needs your prayers for more laborers, Deaf and hearing, in the home office, as missionaries and regional directors, as missionaries on foreign fields, and as workers in Deaf ministries all across America.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Jon Barr, Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Nicole Condra, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Bud Ring, Jay Savelle, Paul Strosnider, Bruce Stuart, and the SWM home office.

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