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Dear Friends,

I am excited with what God is doing through Silent Word Ministries! It is a good thing to sit back every now and then to breathe and reflect on what God has done and is doing in our ministry. Nehemiah, when building the wall, took time to be alone to allow God to touch his heart for His plan. I was thrilled when Ted Camp asked me to be the Director of SWM Outreach Ministries and to serve SWM in the Northeast. I have the wonderful opportunity to consider and share the directions of our ministry into the Deaf world, the responsibility of setting the course, and the privilege of casting a vision to make the directions and vision become a reality. These are exciting days as we continue to walk where no man has ever walked before, to preach the Gospel to the Deaf for the first time in many countries, to continue the original burden and vision of “Telling the Deaf More about Jesus,” to have the same compassion for the Deaf as Christ had as He looked upon the multitudes without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36). I cannot tell you how excited I am to be involved in this unique ministry. SWM has been given the responsibility of reaching this forgotten, unreached and overlooked people group … the Deaf. As the Director of Outreach Ministries and a missionary, I would like to take you with me as I look at what God is doing through SWM.

SWM Videos – We are heavily involved in filming because Deaf listen with their eyes. We can now reach the deaf worldwide by means of the Internet. We have re-doubled our efforts to produce and present good Bible teaching/preaching on video. We present free Bible lessons in voice and signs through the Internet. We are in the process of filming a series, Creation to Christ, for Deaf people with very little, or no organized sign language. We now have videos on the Old Testament, Acts, Ephesians, and Revelation. We have filmed a series on building a strong Christian foundation, as well as a series on the unnamed people in the Bible. Wow! We now have over 300 Deaf Bible Studies on worldwide You-Tube. SWM focuses primarily on Deaf ministries, but all ministries can benefit from these videos and materials. View: SilentWordMinistries.org

Evangelism and Teaching Ministries – We are actively preaching in prison ministries for men and women as the doors are open. We share the Gospel in ministries to the homeless. We have certain team members who have a burden for, and expertise in marketplace (flea market) evangelism. Our teams are also involved in preaching and teaching meetings that benefit families, men, and women. Our missions teams head overseas regularly to help with ministries serving the Deaf. Our (online & postal) Deaf Bible Institute has over 1,100 deaf enrolled. SWM tracts are provided “free” to ministries. We conduct 20 Fantastic Saturdays each year. Our bi-monthly The Silent Word newspaper is sent “free” to thousands worldwide. Last year we had 648 reported salvation decisions from our many ministries. We are deafinitely a 24/52/365 ministry that never sleeps.

We Need More Help – God has also touched our heart with the exciting ministry of reaching out to future leaders and ministries who have a heart for the Deaf and will join with us. As they grow, we grow with them. We have been praying specifically for young people who have a heart for the Deaf to come and join with us in this unique ministry. We believe that there is no success without a successor. We have been praying for these people, and we have been purposely visiting colleges to encourage young men and women training for ministry to consider joining SWM. Recently, God has shown us that He is leading us to some incredible young men and women to help us with the work. It seems God always gives us the right people at the right time.

This is who we are. This is what we do. In Mark 16:15, Jesus said, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” We focus on Deaf people, but we do not forget the hearing world. We are heavily invested and involved in doing our part to fulfill the Great Commission into all the world. As you give and pray, you are helping us to reach as many as we can in this world with the Gospel. You are a part of this ever-expanding ministry we call “Silent Word Ministries.” Thank you!

This ministry began with a calling in 1966. Then it started anew in a garage in 1993. We have left that garage in the dust of the past! We are charging forward in these days and are excited that you are along for the ride!

Yours for Jesus’ Sake,

Jim Bracelin,
Director of Outreach Ministries – SWM

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr thank the Lord for His blessing in the last three Fantastic Saturdays – one in Florida and two in Georgia. All together there have been 5 salvation decisions and 25 other decisions. The total attendance was 462 people (224 Deaf), and 58 churches were represented.

David and Vicki Bennett recently returned from great meetings in North Carolina and Virginia. They also report that the Liberia Deaf project is progressing as they have received Bibles, hymn books, Bible study materials, educational materials, school furniture and equipment, clothing, shoes, and toys for the Christian school and orphanage in Liberia.

Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for great weekends in two different churches in Maryland, a great missions conference in Pennsylvania. They are also thanking the Lord for answered prayer regarding a young man, Steven Burns, who has agreed to intern with them beginning in August.

Reed and Donna Condra were involved in both a missions conference and a Deaf revival in Georgia. They continue teaching a couples’ Sunday School class, and Donna speaks monthly for the ladies’ chapel at the Chattanooga Rescue Mission. They also thank the Lord for the birth of their newest granddaughter, Ariette Adara Kropf, born to Tony and Katie Kropf on February 24. All are doing well.

Jay and Cathy Savelle are excited about the opportunity Jay has to teach the “Sharing Christ Confidently” classes, training many Christians in Nigeria to win souls. The Lord used several people to provide the funds, and Jay will be going to Nigeria for three weeks in April!

Allen Snare preached a Deaf Revival and a Deaf Chapel service in Georgia. He also preached for a Deaf church in Virginia and another one in Florida. In three Fantastic Saturdays, he preached the Gospel message and taught Deaf classes.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider thank the Lord that Da’Shawn’s grandmother trusted Christ as her Savior! It is also exciting to see the Deaf inviting their friends to church. Three first-time visitors, Dustin, Octavia and Patti, recently visited! The Strosniders also shared an update of their ministry in two churches in Illinois.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for the opportunity to go to Africa this summer! Recently they were able to visit several of their supporting churches and spoke in three churches in Connecticut. When their van needed some extensive repairs, the Lord provided a good mechanic, and they received a generous donation the next day to cover all the expenses!

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer for the next two Fantastic Saturdays, in Arizona (Phoenix) and California (Los Angeles area). In addition, they have opportunity to present the mission field of Deaf people worldwide to a small Bible college in Long Beach, California. Please pray for the Lord to reach the hearts of people in these very populous areas, that they might see and do something about this forgotten people group around them and throughout the world.

David and Vicki Bennett ask prayer for more materials and funds to ship the container to Liberia. A total of $10,000 is needed. Funds to help can be sent to SWM, designated “Liberia Deaf Project.” If you would like to send other items for the container, email David at davidbennett@swmi.org for information. Please pray also for the SWMI team that will be ministering there and in the Ivory Coast this summer.

Jim and Terry Bracelin request prayer for a Fantastic Saturday in Johnston, Rhode Island and a special Friday Fun Night in Bradenton, Florida. Please also pray with them about a special situation with one of their children and a foster child they are trying to help.

Larry and Diana Galyen would appreciate your prayers for their family in the homegoing of his mother.

Jay and Cathy Savelle ask prayer for Cathy’s father who recently had surgery to receive a pacemaker. He has a major heart blockage, had a minor stroke, and is possibly facing open-heart surgery. Please pray also as the Savelles witness to him (they are unsure of his salvation). In addition, pray for Jay’s protection and health as he goes to Nigeria, reaching people for Christ and training others to do the same.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are praying for the spiritual growth of church members and for the salvation of their neighbor, Bill.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer that pastors who have received their information would book them for meetings, especially for the spring and early summer months. They also are raising funds for a five-week trip to Liberia and Ivory Coast this summer. Donations can be sent to SWM, designated “Stuart Missions Trip.”

SWM encourages you to pray for more laborers, both Deaf and hearing. SWM needs more missionaries, especially Deaf, regional directors, and someone to help in technical areas.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Jon Barr, Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Nicole Condra, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Bud Ring, Jay Savelle, Paul Strosnider, Bruce Stuart, and the SWM home office.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes
All support or gifts should be made to Silent Word Ministries or SWM. Then designate “For………..”




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