2018-01 – Jan/Feb

Dear Friends,

New Year’s Greetings from SWM!
(I feel this poem is very timely as we face the New Year)
“He leads us on by paths we do not know – Upward He leads us, though our steps be slow,
Though oft we faint and falter on the way – Though storms and darkness oft obscure the day,
Yet when the clouds are gone – We know He leads us on.
He leads us on through all the unquiet years – Past all hopes, doubts, and fears,
He guides our steps, through all the tangled maze – Of losses, sorrows and o’er clouded days:
We know His will is done – And still He leads us on.”
~ by N. L. Zinzendorf ~

2017 is gone – In 2018 – He still leads us on!
First, we want to thank you for your faithful support and prayers this past year!

2017 Home Office Report – Good News! We closed with one of our best spiritual and financial years. We again ended the year debt free. It is our policy to maintain sufficient cash on hand to liquidate all outstanding debt and build or expand only as the Lord provides. FYI: 100% of what you give to our missionaries goes to our missionaries. This is possible because we are a ministry with a mission board; our Executive Operating Board (EOB) also raise their support; and SWM must raise $6,500 monthly through support and sale of literature for home office operations.

SWM Multiple-Facet Ministries: (1) Fantastic Saturdays – D-Days – ASLInstitutes: Area workshop/seminars to teach and train churches in Deaf ministry. (2) SWM Video Productions produces ministry videos in signs and voice. (3) DeafVitalSigns.com by Jim Bracelin presents online Bible classes in signs and voice. (4) BootCamp4Deaf.com a program for deaf ministry leaders. (5) Follow8Steps.org is a follow-up program for new Christians. (5) DeafBibleInstitute.org has 1,100 deaf students enrolled online or by postal mail. (6) SigntheBible.com presents Bible lessons in signs and voice. (7) “The Silent Word” is a Christian newspaper sent free to the deaf and deaf ministries (online: newspaper.SilentWordMinistries.org). (8) SWM FaceBook receives thousands of views for our weekly articles. (9) SilentWordMinistries.org is our website that links to these many programs. (10) SWM Catalog (SilentWord.org/catalog) lists hundreds of items and materials for deaf ministries. (11) SWM provides free tracts and pamphlets (send for free sample). (12) SWM Link Ministries: has over 1,000 e-mail subscribers: Link to Deaf Ladies – Link to Leaders – TC Weekly Articles contact Ted for your free subscription by clicking here. (13) SWM Market Place Ministry functions weekly at flea markets, fairs, and events. (14) Publication Ministry: Writing, printing and publishing materials for Deaf ministries. (15) SWM Video Productions films videos in voice and signs for evangelism, training, and edifying Christians. (16) SWMission Board & SWMInternational includes 27 team members dedicated to reaching the Deaf for Christ worldwide. (17) Local Church Deaf Ministry preaching, teaching, and Interpreting. View all: SilentWordMinistries.org. Salvation Reports: In 2017 SWM had 648 reported salvations from all areas of the ministry, which includes the missionaries, Bible courses, tracts, newspaper, videos, and website. SWM is deafinitely a 24/7/365 ministry.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for our SWM Board of Directors and EOB annual meeting in February. Our desire if for boldness to share Christ, wisdom for the best way, and open doors of opportunity that Deaf and hearing people will be saved, families strengthened, and churches served. Our goal is to evangelize and to help churches fulfill The Great Commission into the Deaf world. On behalf of our team members and home office, thank you for praying and giving so that we can…”Give ourselves to the ministry of the Word to the Deaf world.”

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”

Ted Camp,
Founder, Overseer

Praise Reports

David and Vicki Bennett report that 44 lessons in the “Creation to Christ” series have been filmed and are on the Internet. They have been used on at least 3 continents to help Minimal Language Deaf understand the Gospel. Please pray for filming of the remainder of the series.

Jim and Terry Bracelin were blessed in 2017 to see 257 people make salvation decisions in their many meetings – 27 different churches, 9 Fantastic Saturdays, 4 Sign Language classes, 5 Bible conferences, a Deaf revival, a Vacation Bible School – and in their ministry to the homeless, in prisons, in Christian school chapels, at church gym nights, and more. They also filmed over 50 Bible studies for the Deaf and posted them on YouTube.

Nicole Condra thanks the Lord for five churches taking her on for missionary support. She is now at 66% with a goal to raise the last 34% as soon as possible. In addition to deputation meetings, she has been training to more effectively share her missionary vision and to disciple others. She has also been studying the Bible lessons she plans to use in teaching Deaf people in Romania.

Reed and Donna Condra are thankful for new visitors in the couples Sunday School class they are teaching. There have been many good responses in class.

Jay and Cathy Savelle report that in 2017 they attended and ministered in 10 different events, mostly festivals and fairs. They also presented their “Sharing Christ Confidently” classes in four different churches and filmed it to be placed on several websites for both the Deaf and hearing. Last year they saw 122 people make salvation professions.

Allen Snare reports that last year he had meetings in 12 churches, helped with 6 Fantastic Saturdays, preached in two Deaf Bible Conferences, a Deaf Revival and two Deaf camps, and attended three Deaf retreats. In the meetings, 16 were saved. Three others were saved when Allen witnessed to them by video phone. Many other Deaf people dedicated their lives to the Lord.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider praise the Lord that Melinda was recently baptized and joined the church. Deanna, who was saved last year and baptized in June, also joined the church. They are thankful also that their church put together 76 Christmas gift boxes for boys and girls on an Indian reservation in South Dakota. These will be used by a missionary there for an outreach opportunity.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart praise the Lord for Amanda’s successful surgery to remove a very large ovarian cyst. Thankfully, although over 40 pounds of fluid was drained from the cyst, there was very minimal internal damage! They were also blessed to attend two Discipleship Retreats in December and are excited to report that 2 new churches have taken them on for support, boosting their support level to 31%.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr need your prayers for the spring Fantastic Saturdays, starting with Orlando, Florida, at the end of February. Please pray also for SignTheBible.com and BootCamp4Deaf.com video outreaches.

Tabitha Beam desires your prayer for wisdom and boldness for greater outreach and influence in 2018, for herself and for SWM. Please pray also for the $800 additional monthly support needed. Support or one-time gifts can be sent to SWM, designated “Tabitha Beam.”

David and Vicki Bennett request prayer for his trip to India in February and for wisdom in planning a team missions trip to Africa in the summer. They also are raising funds to ship a container to Liberia and to build a school/dormitory for the Deaf there. Donations for this can be sent to SWM, designated “Liberia Deaf Project.”

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask you to pray with them for young men and women who have a heart for the Deaf, young people they can teach and train to carry on the work of the ministry.

Allen Snare asks prayer for his 2018 meetings – mission trips to Peru and Canada, Deaf Bible conferences, revivals, Fantastic Saturdays, camps, and retreats.

Jay and Cathy Savelle ask prayer for the Lord to use their classes to convict hearts and add laborers to His fields. Pray for Jay as he contacts churches to schedule “Sharing Christ Confidently” classes, and pray for pastors to see the need for these classes and for more laborers.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider request prayer for the salvation of Alyssa and for spiritual growth and faithfulness of their church members. The Strosniders are thankful for an increase in their support. They are now at the 85% level and would ask your prayer that they might be at 100% by the end of 2018.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask prayer for Amanda’s continued recovery from surgery. Please pray also for a full schedule of meetings and mission conferences in 2018.

SWM encourages you to pray for more laborers, both Deaf and hearing. SWM needs more missionaries, especially Deaf, regional directors, and someone to help in technical areas.

SWM Missionaries needing more support: Jon Barr, Tabitha Beam, David Bennett, Nicole Condra, Reed Condra, Larry Galyen, Bud Ring, Jay Savelle, Paul Strosnider, Bruce Stuart, and the SWM home office.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes All support or gifts should be made to Silent Word Ministries or SWM. Then designate “For………..”

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