What is Biblical Love?

What is love? The word has many different meanings to different people. As one man defined love, “I love pizza, my dog, my truck, and my wife. But it does not have to be in that order.” I naturally love my children more than I love your children. I actually counted about 25 different kinds of love. Worldly love involves only two people, but Biblical love always involves a third person, God. What is Biblical love? The Bible has much to say about love. Why? Because God is love (1 John 4:8). Love lives to give and expects nothing in return. “For God so loved the world that he gave…” (John 3:16). The Bible teaches we should love our mates, and also love one another. Some people think love is an emotion, pleasure of feeling. But love is more than emotions or feelings. Biblical love is is a choice and act of the will. I do not love my wife just because she cooks and does things for me. I appreciate the many things she does, especially fried chicken, but I need and love her more than things. I love her for her sake and not for my sake. One man stated, “I don’t need to tell my wife I love her. I work for her and bring home the money.” The wife told him that social security could do that long after he was gone. We need to love as God with an unconditional love. When you unconditionally love someone you will look beyond their faults and see the person you love. You then seek to remove the hindrances between you and the person you love. You attack the problem and not the person. One woman told me, “I have never known that kind of love.” How sad! Love is not a noun but a verb that requires action. Bible love is an action, and feelings are just the by-products of love. I often say, “Don’t love things – love people.” The best things in life are not things but people. I Corinthians 13:4-8 gives the Bible definition of love: I will be patient with you; I will be kind to you; I will not envy you; I will not put myself above you; I will not be rude to you; I will not take advantage of you; I will not be easily angered with you; I will keep no records of wrongs; I will always protect you; I will always trust you; I will always hope in you; I will persevere with you; I will never fail you, because I love you. Love cannot be forced or taken, but it must be freely given. Love is two people sharing life’s moments, good or bad, together. Love is continuing together no matter what happens. You made vows to stay together. A favorite poem: “We chose to be in this life together, and with a little effort and understanding and a lot of patience and love, that’s exactly the way we’re going to stay. Happily together…forever!” (unknown). This is Biblical love! If you do not know it – How sad!

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