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Dear Friends and Supporters of SWM,

Silent Word Ministries is a unique ministry as we specialize in reaching the world of deaf people for Christ. John R. Rice personally advised me, “Ted, always remember your special calling, but don’t forget that hearing people also need the Lord.” As Paul was sent to the Gentiles but also reached the Jews and the Greeks, our ministry emphasizes the Deaf ministry, but we also serve where we are planted to reach everyone for Christ. SWM is a ministry that involves like-minded people who share in this same calling. You know of my calling and burden. I feel you should also know the heart and calling of our leadership. I have asked both Jon Barr and Jim Bracelin to share their personal testimonies and calling into this ministry. This will help you see and understand more the heart, purpose, and calling of our ministry. Next month Jon will give his testimony, this month Jim Bracelin will share his calling to you.

“I realize that some of you do not know me, my wife, or our story of how the Lord drew us to Silent Word Ministries. Ted has asked that I share our story with you. The month of November holds many precious moments in my life, both personally and in the ministry. This year marks 38 years that my wife and I have been a family. We were married on November 24, 1979. I will tell you that my life has never been the same since. I married a young woman who shares the same heart for the Lord that I have, and we have had the privilege of serving the Lord together for these past thirty-eight years. My wife and I were both raised in a Christian home. We are very blessed to have had parents who prayed for us and trained us in the things of the Lord from birth. We met in a Bible College while we were preparing for a life of ministry. God has blessed us with four children (all married), and nine grandchildren. Our children and grandchildren continue to be a part of our ministry. Thirty-two years ago in November, I was an assistant pastor in Maryland. On the Sunday night just before Thanksgiving, a missionary/evangelist came to our church on a Sunday night and preached. He preached a message like others, but the way he preached was different! He signed and voiced at the same time. I had never seen anything like it before. That night, God used Ted Camp to touch my heart with the need for Deaf people to be able to see the Gospel before they meet God face to face as a Judge. That night, God burdened my heart to memorize a Gospel tract in Sign Language. A few months later, I met a fifteen-year-old Deaf teenage boy who was unsaved. After telling my senior pastor about this experience, he informed me that I would be the leader of the Deaf ministry in the church! That began our journey in Deaf ministry. I was an assistant pastor for twelve years, and a senior pastor for five years before joining SWM as a missionary. God touched our hearts in college to be missionaries. We were thrilled to see it happen some nineteen years later when we joined SWM in 1999. Since that time, we have been the northeastern representative for SWM. In 2005, God allowed us to take the position of Vice President with SWM Inc. More recently, we were named the Director of Outreach with SWM Executive Operating Board (EOB). These responsibilities are wonderful, but the original motivation of reaching Deaf people with the Gospel remains the motivating force behind our ministry. Now, we not only pray for a vision for our personal ministry within SWM, but we are given the honor of setting the vision for the ministry. We (my wife, Terry, and me) are thrilled to be a part of the SWM Executive Operating Board. We love the heart of SWM, our mission team who share our same burden. We love the opportunity to do our part to ensure that we remain committed to the Great Commission as a ministry.” “This is why we serve with SWM in Deaf ministry” – Jim Bracelin

In closing, I did not seek this ministry, but this ministry sought me. I did not build this ministry, but this ministry built me. As Paul, we often make the statement, “I thank God for putting us into the ministry.” We now have 27 like-minded people serving on our worldwide ministry team. It seems the Lord always gives us the right people at the right time. As of this year we have had 401 reports of salvation from our many different ministries. We so appreciate each of the churches, and individuals who support and make our ministry possible. Many of you do not know Sign Language, but you share our heart for Deaf people, and you are an important part of this ministry. Now that you know more about SWM, we ask you to pray for us to remain faithful to the Lord!

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen,”

Ted Camp, Founder/Director

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr conducted a Fantastic Saturday in the St. Louis area. At the end of the day, 14 people made service decisions. The Barrs are grateful for another church taking them on for support!

Tabitha Beam praises the Lord for protecting her relatives in Florida through Hurricane Irma. She also is thankful for three new supporters – two individuals and a ladies’ ministry group!

Jim Bracelin preached in prison to over 400 men, including 2 Deaf men. There were over 20 salvation decisions! He also had opportunity to preach at his home church. After attending and presenting at the SWM Missionary Retreat and Executive Operating Board meeting, Jim and Terry traveled to South Carolina where they met with the pastor and leaders of a Deaf Church. Jim also preached for a revival for a Christian school, and 14 students responded for salvation!

Nicole Condra is thankful for a new church supporter. She is now at 64% of her support level and has meetings scheduled in Alabama, Missouri, and Indiana. Thank you for your prayer for protection and wisdom in her travels.

Reed and Donna Condra have taught the Sunday School class for Deaf couples about the husband and wife. Now they are teaching about Jehovah and Israel.

Jay and Cathy Savelle praise the Lord for His provision of beautiful Prophet’s Chambers to stay in during their ministry at the Ohio State Fair. They are now ministering at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider report that Brad preached for the second time! Praise the Lord also that their support level is now at 83%!

Bruce and Amanda Stuart were privileged to speak at the Pennsylvania Deaf and Family Camp, encouraging Deaf and Hearing people to diligently seek God. They also distributed schedules/tracts at the Annual Little League World Series Parade. They praise the Lord for two new supporting churches!

Drew and Melinda Wright have been dropping in on churches in their area and attending several preaching meetings. They are currently in Michigan for deputation meetings and conferences.

It was a joy for the Camps, Barrs, Tabitha Beam, and Allen Snare to report recently to a church who has faithfully supported the SWM office for several years! Thank you to all those who have a part in providing for the home office monthly needs.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask prayer as they represent Silent Word Ministries and the mission field of the Deaf to students of a Christian college in South Carolina. Please pray also for two more Fantastic Saturdays, in Wisconsin and West Virginia.

Tabitha Beam requests prayer for a Deaf friend to understand her need for salvation. Please pray also for Tabitha’s need of $800 more monthly support.

Jim and Terry Bracelin will soon be conducting Fantastic Saturdays in Connecticut, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. They will speak at a Ladies Seminar in New Hampshire, and Jim will preach in prison. They ask your prayer for the filling of the Holy Spirit for these meetings.

Nicole Condra requests prayer for Breanna, a young woman who is currently having Bible studies with Nicole. Breanna is asking good questions and growing. Pray for her to be grounded and strong in Christ before Nicole heads to Romania.

Reed and Donna Condra request prayer for deaf men to work into teaching and helping in the ministry. Please pray also for several fall travels and meetings – two Deaf churches in Missouri and Michigan and two ladies’ conferences in Indiana and Wisconsin.

Jay and Cathy Savelle continue to speak with pastors about their ministry and the witnessing classes they provide. Some have shown a definite interest. Please pray for more.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider ask prayer for their unsaved neighbors whose 11-year-old son recently passed away. Paul preached the funeral and the Gospel was presented.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for a full schedule of meetings, especially mission conferences, in 2018.

Drew and Melinda Wright ask your prayers for God to use them in several conferences and meetings in Michigan. Pray for safety and that they will be able to recruit more laborers for the Lord’s work.

SWM encourages you to pray for more laborers, both Deaf and hearing. SWM needs more missionaries, especially Deaf, regional directors, and someone to help in technical areas.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes
All support or gifts should be made to Silent Word Ministries or SWM. Then designate “For………..”

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