2017-06 – June

June 2017

Dear Friends and Supporters,

God Provides – “And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering…. And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovah–jireh, [God provides]” (Genesis 22:8,14). God provided a physical sacrifice that day, foreshadowing His providing His son, the Lamb, as a sacrifice for our sin. He also provides for our physical needs. Sometimes we do not know what our needs are, or how God will provide, but God is faithful. He continually provides. It is exciting to see God provide for and through this unique missionary ministry to Deaf people.

Provision for Salvation – This spring Diane and I met an “older” Deaf lady who had been in church, who knew the right words to use, and who thought she was saved, but who was “afraid to die.” What a joy to point her to the Savior and watch her face as she stopped trusting her works and trusted only Christ for salvation. (Often what happens in a Deaf person’s heart is also seen on his face.) Immediately she gave a testimony to her many friends that she had just then been saved. This is just one example of the many salvation decisions each year through the ministry of SWM.

Provision for Equipment – The Lord continues to provide our needs. “Computer people” will recognize that organizing and protecting the large number of files where SWM literature and videos are stored requires special equipment. Recently the Lord used a ministry friend to provide a new hard drive system to protect those files – with much room for growth. Then, through another ministry friend, the Lord provided a new video editing computer to speed up SWM video production. Ted Camp needed a new computer, and that need was met. SWM continues to operate debt-free.

Provision Through Volunteers – SWM is a ministry of volunteers. Recently we had a volunteer work day. Many people, Deaf and hearing, showed up to clean, move, rearrange, and improve the SWM Home Office, which God has provided. On a regular basis, volunteers cut the grass, take out the trash, edit videos, proofread new materials , and much more. The Eugene Bordean Room and Upper Room are special SWM guest rooms provided at no charge for local churches, pastors, visiting missionaries, and other special SWM guests. Volunteers wash sheets and clean these rooms as needed. Recently Sharon Bordean, whose late husband the Bordean Room is named for, stayed in that room. God has provided our needs, and we are blessed to help provide for others in this way.

Provision Through Supporters & Prayer Partners – Recently a man sent a $20 gift and enclosed an encouraging note, “We keep you in our prayers. Keep up the good work.” Without the prayers of God’s people, this ministry would fail. The greatest work without God’s blessing will never reach beyond this world. Our goal is to produce spiritual fruit that will remain (John 15:16). So far this year, there have been 148 reported salvation decisions through the ministries of SWM. We are continually amazed that God meets the needs. But, we also recognize that this is not our ministry – it is His. He is responsible for both the provision and the results.

Thank you for partnering with us to do God’s work among the Deaf. Today, they hear the Gospel with their eyes. One day, in Heaven, they will hear forever!

For Deaf Souls,
Jon Barr

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr held revival services in Atlanta, Georgia. The Deaf church there had been in existence since 1902, and many who came had faithfully attended for many years. In an Alabama church, several hearing people have been learning Signs for about one year. The Barrs were able to give them some additional training in both language and ministry. The church is looking forward to their ministry growing.

Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for three good Missions Conferences in Elmer, New Jersey; Denver, Pennsylvania; and Collegeville, Pennsylvania. They held successful Sign Language classes in a local church Bible Institute and at Bible Baptist Church in Bradenton, Florida. They also had a good Fantastic Saturday in Florida.

Jay and Cathy Savelle attended festivals in South Carolina and Kentucky. They shared the Gospel, God worked in hearts, and 24 people made salvation professions! They also have been visiting churches to introduce themselves and their ministry to pastors. They also praise God for several donations they have received for their mission trip to Germany.

Allen Snare preached for a Deaf ministry in Cleveland, Tennessee, and for a Deaf church in Easley, South Carolina. Praise the Lord for one profession of salvation. He is a proud grandfather again. His youngest son, Justin, and wife, Neressa, had a baby girl on May 16. Amarante Lily weighed 3 lbs, 14 oz.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider thank the Lord for the unsaved visitors that came to their Easter service. The Strosniders also presented their ministry in Troy, Missouri.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart were involved in missions conferences in Massachusetts and Connecticut, where one lady professed salvation! In Vermont they presented their ministry, and Bruce preached in another Connecticut church. One church took them on for support! They are now at 25% of their monthly support.

Drew and Melinda Wright are grateful to the Lord for His guiding them safely to a missions conference at a Deaf Church in Ringgold, Georgia. It was pouring rain, visibility was minimal, the wind was high, and several trees blocked their way. Once there, they had a wonderful conference with great preaching, music, and fellowship. They also were involved in several other conferences.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr ask your prayer for 2 ladies who attended the revival in Atlanta. Both wanted to learn more about salvation, but have not yet made that decision. Pray also as the Barrs present the world of the Deaf in a missions conference in Michigan, and as Jon presents several workshops at the Silent Weekend in Florida, an opportunity to meet and influence signers from all across the country.

Jim and Terry Bracelin request prayer for a Fantastic Saturday in Hanson, Massachusetts; preaching in Hamilton, New Jersey; and involvement with the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America in Seattle, Washington. In addition, they will be speaking at Ephraim Baptist Church for the Deaf (Pastor Paul Strosnider) for the church’s 12th Anniversary.

Ted and Carlene Camp would appreciate your prayers for their family in the recent passing of Carlene’s brother, Bobby Joe Gifford.

Jay and Cathy Savelle ask your prayers for the the Lord’s provision of the additional $1531 needed for their mission trip to Germany. Donations can be sent to SWM, designated “Savelle – Mission Trip.” Several pastors there are already anticipating their soulwinning classes.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider ask prayer for Henry and Frank to be saved, for the church’s 12th anniversary in June, and for a mature Christian couple or family to help with discipleship, preaching, and interpreting in the ministry in St Louis.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart would appreciate your prayers for wisdom in booking meetings for the fall and winter. In June and July they will be attending two large pastors’ conferences. They ask you to pray for lodging for the conferences, the production and printing of a new ministry flyer, and safety in traveling to the meetings. They hope to make personal contact with pastors, resulting in future meetings to present their ministry.

Drew and Melinda Wright ask your prayers as they travel and try to be a blessing wherever the Lord leads. Pray for wisdom for them to glorify God in all that they do. They are working toward being fully supported by June 2018.

SWM encourages you to pray for more laborers, both Deaf and hearing. SWM needs more missionaries, especially Deaf, regional directors, and someone to help in technical areas.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes
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