Surrender To God’s Discipline

Looking back on my life, I am extremely thankful for parents who did not read any of the popular books on parenting.  I’m glad that they read their Bible and simply obeyed what they read.  My Dad and Mom were smart enough to know that everyone else that was raising children had just as many fears and challenges as they would have with my sister (and me … I guess).  They did not follow the advice of family when it came to disciplining us.  They did not watch any television shows to help them determine what an appropriate “time-out” would be for their children.  They did not even entertain the thought of bringing in a Nanny to help them tame their wild children.  I am so thankful that my Dad and Mom sat down with their Bible, read it, and followed the advice that is seen all throughout the Bible.

The reason I am so thankful that my parents biblically disciplined me is that I now know how to act with the authorities that are over me in life.  If I had been placed in a “time-out” setting, I would never have learned the lesson that a wooden spoon placed on the proper part of the anatomy can teach.  I needed godly discipline in order to turn my heart to God and what was right.  My parents did not invent this idea.  Look with me at the sad commentary on Israel, and Jerusalem in particular (and to the unrepentant Christian today): “She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the LORD; she drew not near to her God” (Zephaniah 3:2).

We all know that the prophetic books of our Bible are filled with warnings from God to turn from the idolatry that was in every other nation around Israel and to stand strong for God.  History records for us the penalty for this ignoring of the laws of God, and turning to idol worship themselves.  Israel found themselves in captivity and heartache.  God was silent from the end of the book of Malachi until the beginning of the book of Matthew for 400 years!  All of these things came as a result of His children’s rebellion and refusal to obey His chastening.

Don’t ignore God’s warning signs in your life! When you sense God getting out His wooden spoon in your life, do not resist … surrender!  It will be well worth it in your future.  I am thankful for parents that disciplined me and trained me what right and wrong actually looked like.  I know it was not easy on them, but I am thankful for their correction.  I am thankful for my Heavenly Father’s correction still today.  I want to be an obedient child!

The two biggest little words are … do right.” – Dr. Bob Jones Sr.

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