In The Presence Of Greatness

When I was about fifteen years old, I was asked to play my trumpet in an orchestra that was being conducted by John W. Peterson.  John W. Peterson has written a multitude of hymns that you would still be familiar with today (songs like, “Heaven Came Down,” “Springs of Living Water,” Surely Goodness and Mercy,” and many more).  He wrote many Cantatas’ for church choirs, and this happened to be an Easter Cantata entitled, “No Greater Love.”  There was a volunteer choir of about 1,000 people from various churches around Philadelphia, a full orchestra, and people that were there to do a drama.  I remember showing up the night of rehearsal and meeting John W. Peterson for the first time.  I was really impressed with this man and his humility.

That was about as close as I have come to a “brush with greatness.”  But, it really is not … you see, I met the King of all kings when I was just six-years-old.  The day I trusted Jesus Christ to forgive my sin and give me a home in Heaven, I met the Master of the universe in a very personal way.  Look at the way the psalmist describes the meeting: “Blessed is the man whom Thou choosest, and causest to approach unto Thee, that he may dwell in Thy courts: We shall be satisfied with the goodness of Thy house, even of Thy holy temple” (Psalm 65:4).

There was a day that I recognized the hand of God waving me to approach His throne.  Please be sure … I know I did not deserve that invitation.  It was purely and completely the grace of God that beckoned me there.  However, since that day, I have had the sweet privilege of getting to know the King of all kings.  He is now my Heavenly Father.  He has made His thoughts known to me in the Word of God and I have had the privilege of talking to Him every day of my life since that time I trusted His Son as my Savior!  I have loved getting to know my Heavenly Father better each day.

I will tell you that there have been many days when my Heavenly Father needed to get out His heavenly “wooden spoon” and chasten this rebellious heart of mine.  I have not always enjoyed the discipline, but I do thank Him for the results.  If you don’t know God personally, turn your heart over to Him today.  If you know Him, realize you are in the presence of greatness everyday you walk with Him.  There is “goodness” in the presence of God.  Go to Him today and bask in the blessings of your relationship with Him.

Sinners cannot find God for the same reason that criminals cannot find a policeman – They are not looking for them.” – Billy Sunday

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