Seek God First

When a big task is in front of you and you’re not sure which way to turn, the first thing you do could mean the difference between success and failure.  The choice of paths you take often determines whether blessing follows or chastening.  The book of Psalms is full of good advice when it comes to making decisions.  Reading today in Psalm 63 I came upon a phrase that really touched my heart as it regards my own decision-making.  “O God, Thou art my God; early will I seek Thee: my soul thirsteth for Thee, my flesh longeth for Thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is” (Psalm 63:1).

Notice the powerfully emotional words chosen by the psalmist.  He says that his soul “thirsts” for God … that his flesh “longs” for God like a thirsty man longs for water in a dry land.  Neither of these descriptions are what got my attention.  The phrase in the beginning of the verse said that the psalmist decided to seek for God “early.”  I thought about how much trouble we could avoid if we would look to God early in our challenges.  Each of us is going to face daily challenges.  Each of us will make choices about who we will turn to for help, or where we will run for direction about what we should do.

There are many people today that turn immediately to GOOGLE to find the answers or direction.  There are others who will run to the newspaper and the horoscope section.  Others will run to a Chinese restaurant and open their fortune cookie (I’m all for the food at a Chinese restaurant, but you can have my fortune cookie).  I thought today about that great Matthew 6:33, and the encouragement to seek the kingdom of God first.  Not second, or as a last resort, but first!  There is wisdom in seeking God early and first rather than late and last.

If we wait to seek God until all our other options have failed, we will certainly end that responsibility as a failure.  Don’t make God rescue you from the trash pile, turn to Him early and follow what He touches your heart to do today.  He has a plan for you that He had for you yesterday.  Don’t wait too long to run to Him today.  Start your day off by falling on your face before Him, asking Him to lead each step you will take today.  Be certain, God has a perfect will for your life.  Be surrendered to His plan, completely and early.  You will not be sad that you have trusted Him today.

It is for us to pray, not for tasks equal to our powers, but for powers equal to our tasks; to go forward with a great desire forever beating at the door of our hearts as we travel toward our distant goal.” – Helen Keller

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