Fear the Lord … It’s Good For You

I want to thank God for parents that believed in disciplining their children.  You will notice, I did not say, abusing their children.  There is a big difference between being disciplined and being abused.  I never remember one time when either my father or mother raised a hand in anger to me.  I do remember many trips to the drawer beside the sink where the dreaded “wooden spoon” lived (funny … I don’t recall my Mom using that wooden spoon for cooking too much).

When I was growing up, the most dreaded phrase I could hear from my mother’s lips were, “Jimmy, go get the wooden spoon.”  I think I would rather have tried to pick a snake up by the tail (and that’s saying something, because I hate snakes).  I knew what would follow … a series of promises on my behalf never to sin again … a look of not caring from my mother … followed by a valuable lesson learned with a bit of pain to reinforce it’s truth.

Having said all that, you may not believe my opening statement about being thankful for the discipline.  The reality is that the reason I am most thankful that my parents disciplining us as children is that I got a very HEALTHY VIEW of my relationship with my Heaven Father.  I realized very early in my life that there were some things that are right, and some things that are wrong.  I learned to have a healthy fear of authority.  Today I read, “The fear of the LORD prolongeth days: but the years of the wicked shall be shortened” (Proverbs 10:27).  I thank God for guidelines in my life.

Rather than complain about the discipline times of life, rejoice that you are being shown the right way.  Walk in the way that is right, rather than fighting against the authority.  God is the ultimate Authority.  If we cannot learn to submit to the earthly authorities over us, we will never be fully submissive to God.  I live in fear of failing my Heavenly Father.  That is a good thing … it drives me to try to live righteously.  We are surrounded by a world that yearns for no limitations or guard-rails.  I am the opposite.  I want to ready my Bible today to find out where God sets the standard.  I want to stay so close to God today that when I am nearing a point of danger in my life, His Holy Spirit can draw me back to the place I ought to be.  I thank God for the disciplining He has given me in my lie to keep me on the right path … to keep me headed in the right direction!

I have learned more from the rod than the staff.  The rod corrects me – The staff comforts me.” – Dr. Ted Camp

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