The Key to Happiness

We are living in a world where people are desperately looking for pleasure, fulfillment and joy in all the wrong places.  Be careful that you do not fall into this same trap.  We are driven by what we can see so much today. The world has many counterfeits it promises will lead to happiness.  You will find that it is better to trust God than to trust these false promises.

Many have thought that money is the key to happiness.  I will tell you that I have met some extremely wealthy people in my life, and happiness is not a by-product of the money in their bank.  Truthfully, some of the most miserable people I have met could have bought anything they wanted in the world, but there was still a lack of happiness in their lives.

Some have believed that if you work really hard, and enjoy your job that ultimately you will find happiness.  The end of this road often leads to a lose of family and friends … not happiness.  Some have thought that if they became famous, that would bring happiness.  I don’t need to tell you, but if you look at some of the most famous people of our lifetime, you will find a path that is strewn with drugs, alcohol and other things that they tried to find happiness in.  Their lives have ended in misery, not happiness.

Some have thought that if they won the “big game” there would be happiness.  It is amazing how quickly the “big game” is forgotten. There is no lasting happiness there.  Others think “If I could only get married I would be happy.”  There might be an equal amount that think, “If I could only get divorced I would be happy.

The psalmist gives us the key to happiness: “Delight thyself in the LORD; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart” (Psalm 37:4).  Sounds simple, but it is not that easy.  In order for us to truly delight in the LORD, we must surrender all the things I listed above.  We must totally surrender our hopes, dreams and goals to His control if we want to have the happiness He designed us to enjoy in this life.

There will always be challenges in your life, but this might be one of the biggest.  It is a battle everyday to give up our desires and wants in order to have God’s plan work most effectively in our lives.  Will you surrender to God’s plan for today, or will you try the world’s plan instead?  Happiness is waiting for you if you will find your delight in Him.  Try it today!

If the world controls your thinking you are a conformer; if God controls your thinking, you are a transformer.” – Warren Wiersbe

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