Pass it Down the Line

When I was in elementary school, a wise teacher played a game with us that she called, “Pass it down the line.”  You probably played it at one time in your life too.  The idea was that our entire class would sit in a single-file line and the teacher would say a simple sentence to the person on the end.  Each person would then try to repeat exactly what had been said to the next person … and so on down the line to the last person.  That person had a piece of paper and wrote down what they were told.  When compared with what the teacher had said, we all realized that it had changed a great deal.

Our teacher used this game to help us learn that gossip is a very dangerous thing because one slight change in the beginning of the line can make a huge difference by the time it reaches the end of the line.  She also used the game to teach us positive things like making sure to share correct information with our neighbor.

Peter talked about sharing information with others that God had taught him.  He said it this way: “Yea, I think it meet [important], as long as I am in this tabernacle [earthly body], to stir you up by putting you in remembrance” (II Peter 1:13).  Peter had a desire to share all that God had taught him with others.  He also desired to leave a legacy that would continue long after he had left this earth and entered eternity.  That is exactly the purpose I had in mind when I began writing these daily devotionals for you.  I am hopeful that some of the things God has taught me during my life-time will be a blessing, a challenge, an encouragement to you as well.

A wise saying from the past is that there is nothing new under the sun.  It is important that we learn from those who have gone before us.  It is vitally important that we make the Bible our guide for life.  In this one book, God put His thoughts to paper!  Can you believe it?  We get to be there to witness the creation of the world in the book of Genesis.  We see God’s hand of provision for His people in the book of Exodus.  We also have the opportunity to see what happens when a child of God turns their back on God and worships idols in the remainder of the Old Testament.  You and I get to sit at the feet of Jesus in books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  We have the opportunity to learn from the early church fathers when we read the book of Acts and the Epistles.  We get to peek into the future when we read Daniel and Revelation.  Open your Bible today and everyday and use it as the road map for your day.  You will not regret it!

Our calling is not to be successful but faithful.” – Billy Graham

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