Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

Just after my junior year of college, my present brother-in-law and I were groomsmen and we had to drive to Connecticut for a wedding.  Neither of us had ever driven there before, so my Mom checked and double-checked to make sure we had a map (that is what old people used before there were GPS devices).  We had no idea where we were going without that map.

In the Old Testament the nation of Israel wandered for forty years through the wilderness without a map.  The Israelite people knew it was time to move when the pillar of cloud/fire moved from over top the Mercy Seat, or Ark of the Covenant.  The Old Testament book of Numbers described it this way, “Or whether it were two days, or a month, or a year, that the cloud tarried upon the tabernacle, remaining thereon, the children of Israel abode in their tents, and journeyed not: but when it was taken up, they journeyed.  At the commandment of the LORD they rested in the tents, and at the commandment of the LORD they journeyed: they kept the charge of the LORD, at the commandment of the LORD by the hand of Moses” (Numbers 9:22-23).

This method was far more accurate than any present-day GPS!  And it is hard to believe, but you never had to hook this up to your computer to download up-dated maps!  God was in control and led His people every step of the way.  This ought to be our desire for this day we are about to live.  We ought to want God to lead us as directly today as He led the nation of Israel in those days.  There is a great hymn that was written with these verses in mind.  Read these great words and make them your heart desire today.

Verse 1: Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but Thou art mighty, hold me with Thy powerful hand: bread of Heaven, feed me till I want no more.

Verse 2: Open now the crystal fountain whence the healing waters flow; let the fiery, cloudy pillar lead me all my journey through: strong Deliverer, be Thou still my Strength and Shield

Verse 3: When I tread the verge of Jordan, bid my anxious fears subside; bear me through the swelling current, land me safe on Canaan’s side: songs of praises I will ever give to Thee.

Verse 4: Care and doubting, gloom and sorrow, fear and shame are mine no more; faith knows naught of dark tomorrow, for my Savior goes before: songs of praises I will ever give to Thee.

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