Don’t Just Sit There …

The slothful man saith, ‘There is a lion in the way; a lion is in the streets’” (Proverbs 26:13).

When I grow up I want to … when I get enough money I will … when I get my education I’m going to … when I get more experience I want to … when I get a bigger house I will … when I get this all finished, then I will …

Some of us spend our lives making plans, while never moving out of our comfort zone to accomplish anything.  Some of the greatest experiences of my life have come when I was totally removed from my comfort zone and was forced to trust my God.  Don’t sit around noticing things that you think ought to be done, while doing nothing to effect change!  You may not feel ready.  You may never feel qualified.  You many think you need all kinds of additional tools to do the job God puts in front of you.  You might feel that you need more money.   When God shows you a lion in the street of your life; don’t just sit there and talk about it.  Do what God shows you needs to be done that is right in front of you!

This verse in Proverbs describes so many Christians that it is sad today.  We see things that need to be done in our family; in our workplace; in our churches; and especially in our own personal lives.  The problem is that seeing the problem and doing something about it are two different things!  Just seeing a problem is only the beginning of the solution.  Recognizing a need is just the beginning.  Don’t be a “slothful man” today.  We are approaching a new year just ahead.  Don’t fall into the trap of staying comfortable while making no real difference in your own life or the lives of others around you.

God gives each of us twenty-four hours each day – that is 1,440 minutes each day – 10,080 minutes each week.  Within that time, God will draw numerous needs to your attention.  Don’t be guilty of waiting for someone else to meet the need that God has shown you.  Your life is meant to be used for Him and His glory.  Don’t waste your life and your time!  I can remember many times in my life that God presented an opportunity for me.  When God gives me a new opportunity, I do not feel capable, or worthy to finish the task that is there.  I have looked around for someone who is capable or worthy to step up and accept the responsibilities … when no one does, I have stepped forward.  It is during these times that I have seen some of the most incredibly blessed times of my life.  These are times when I have had to totally depend on Him!  Do it today!  You will not regret it!

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