Sweetest Words Known To Man

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and Thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: For I am called by Thy name, O LORD God of hosts” (Jeremiah 15:16).

Do you want to have lasting joy in your life?  Do you want to rejoice while the rest of the world is in turmoil?  Do you want to have something that will last even during the times of difficulty?  Jeremiah (known as the “weeping prophet” because he lived during a time of the Jews turning away from the laws of God), found his joy and rejoicing in the midst of incredible difficulty in the Word of God.  The sweet words of God!  The infallible, never-changing, eternal words of God!  The only Book in the history of the world that has the ability to change your life so drastically for the good!  Can you believe that you have the privilege to hold the words that God breathed from His mouth to the pages in front of you?  I cannot believe it.

Can you imagine this coming Christmas morning, you gave a “special” gift to someone you love deeply, and they just took the gift from you and set it on the coffee table?  Can you imagine the hurt you would feel if they left it there for an entire week and never opened it?  Can you imagine if they picked the gift up and carried it to church on Sunday, but if asked a question about what was inside the person you gave it to would simply stutter and be unable to answer?  One of the most horrendous tragedies of our time is how many Bibles have been printed … but how few have actually been read.  What a shame; to have the words that can change our lives, but the covers of the book never opens!

God has given us a Book that will bring joy and rejoicing in our lives, even in the most difficult of times.  It is time for us to open the Book, and eat it up!  Jeremiah did not find the satisfaction of the Book until he opened it and ate it!  He did not realize the depth of help that was offered for his everyday choices and decisions until he ate it!  He did not realize the comfort that the Book held … he did not realize the wisdom that was contained in the book … he did not see the value of the Book, until he ate it.  How much are you taking in the Book in your daily life?  Are you getting the “Lunchable” version that you can find in a devotional like this?  Are you sitting down at the buffet table of the Word of God and eating to the full?  The choice is yours, and no one can force you to eat.  Please pick up your spiritual knife and fork, and dig in to the Word of God today.  Don’t depend on my thoughts to satisfy the spiritual hunger you have.  Let God feed you today.

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