The Silent Word

“The Silent Word”

© Written by WDB on December 18, 2013
while at the Antler’s Ridge Lodge in Menlo, Georgia on a work retreat.

In whispers came the Baby,

There were but precious few

Awaiting Christ’s first coming;

Just one small handful of knew. Refrain

Refrain: O Silent Word, Thou Silent Word,

E’en whispers must be heard!

Send angels! shepherds! wisemen, too,

T’announce Thee, Silent Word.

In whispers came the Infant,

A handful knew, at best;

There was no worldwide notice

The Word to manifest. Refrain

In whispers came the Christ–Child,

Yet, silence did prevail

For Bethlehem lay sleeping

Amidst the Word’s first wail. Refrain

The silence, lo, was deafening,

All Israel went unstirred!

Jerusalem? Too silent!

None sought The Silent Word! Refrain

While millions live in deafness,

Our mouths lay silent – dumb!

Oh, who will tell those deafened

The Silent Word has come? Refrain

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