Silence is Lonely

Silence Is Lonely

by Roy Bain (1996)

When at first our hearing begins to fade;

Though the signs are foretelling, we may choose to evade.

We tell others they don’t speak clearly, the mumble a lot;

My concentration is elsewhere, that’s why I ask what.

Please talk a bit louder, your voice is so weak;

I could hear you OK, if you’d look at me as you speak.

I can hear you just fine, when you’re close at hand;

If you would learn to enunciate, I could understand.

Being with family is one of life’s greatest joys;

But, don’t expect me to hear, with all of that noise.

It’s easy to blame others, though it’s not really fair;

It’s your hearing problem, solve it, show others you care.

He who said “silence is golden’ spoke for himself only;

For the hearing impaired, “silence is lonely”.

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