Prayer of a Deaf Child

“Prayer of a Deaf Child”

(Revised for SWM – TC)

 Dear Heavenly Father up above,

I pray for peace, true joy, and love.

I pray each friend soon understands

The need to speak to me with hands.

In my deaf world hands are my voice,

They’re what I “hear,” – I have no choice.

 I “hear” by fingers spelling names,

With hands and body – gestured games.

 My world is one of total silence,

Thus, I need help, need grace and guidance.

With You I need no voice or hands

Since You’re a God Who understands.

 Thanks for those who learn my language,

This is, Lord, to my advantage.

 So, please, dear Father up above,

Give my friends, too, peace, joy and love

Because they, with each signing hand,

Prove that they now me understand.

 In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

 – Selected

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