Made Differently

By Beth Woodward

[Poem written by a crippled girl

to a young boy who was afraid of her]

The first time that I met you,

You were scared to death of me,

Cause you didn’t really understand,

That God makes people differently.

God makes some kids with freckles,

And some with glasses too,

He also makes cute blond-haired boys,

Just like He made you.

Yes, God makes people differently,

But He loves them all the same,

He cares for every one of them,

And knows them each by name.

So, next time that you see someone,

Who might walk differently,

Don’t be afraid to be a friend,

Just smile and remember me.

And remember Jesus made us all,

The way He wanted us to be,

And every one He loves the same,

Though we’re all made differently.

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