A Deaf Mother’s Prayer

A Deaf Mother’s Prayer

By Anne Powell

Lord, I’ve never heard my baby cry,

Or laugh and gurgle as most mothers do.

I’ve never heard him say “Daddy”

Or “Mommy, I love you.”

I’ve never heard him sing the songs

He learned in Sunday School

I could not hear when he stood so proud

To quote the “Golden Rule.”

Each night before I tucked him in,

We knelt together there.

I held him close and kissed him,

But I couldn’t hear his prayer.

Now my son is all grown up.

He’s preaching for You, Lord.

He’s winning souls and helping folks

And teaching them the Word.

On earth I’ll never hear his voice

But I’ll not be distressed.

For in my heart I know, Lord,

Your way is always best.

And Lord,

when You come to take us Home

For all eternity;

The glorious sounds of Heaven

Will be twice as sweet to me!

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