2016-07 – July

July 2016

Dear Friends and Supporters of SWM,

{PL-07-03Greetings from SWM. Once a year I try to inform you of our specialized ministry to the world of the Deaf. As you know, this year Silent Word Ministries is celebrating fifty years serving in this unique ministry. Today there are specialists in almost every field and area of life. Doctors now specialize in eyes, ears, lungs, hearts, blood, and every ailment from your noses to your toesies. It seems that because of Professor Google, everyone now specializes in letting you know the right answers. Well, I have often said that if you need financial help, see a banker; if you have a leaky faucet, call a plumber; if you need groceries, go to the super market; if you need spiritual help go to your pastor; but if you need help in evangelizing and reaching the deaf in your area, come to Silent Word Ministries. Why? We specialize in reaching the deaf for Christ. Think about it! For fifty years we have been specializing in evangelizing and teaching others to reach the deaf for Christ. I often say, “We are not great. It’s just that we do not have much competition in this field.” It is amazing that the Lord uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This year we have had 190 reported salvations through our 24/7/365 varied ministries. (Please view: SilentWordMinistries.org.)

Now, pastors, church leaders, and supporters, “What about Deaf people in your area? What about the worldwide unreached deaf? What about the unique missionaries to the deaf who need your support? When I pastored, a BIMI missionary, Clifford Smith, brought ten deaf to our church and interpreted for them. As he left, I said, “Thank you for bringing the deaf to our church.” He smiled and said, “I did not bring them. They live in your community.” As a pastor, I saw the need of evangelizing “everyone” in our area, and that included the Deaf. I realized that Deaf people had souls, families, and spiritual needs. It was our responsibility to reach these folks for Christ. As you read this letter, do you also see the need of reaching the deaf in your area? Can you think of a deaf person who needs the Gospel? As the Lord touched my heart, let Him also touch your heart for deaf people in your area who may not have a church to attend. We are here to help you. A good deaf ministry begins with your heart, not your hands. For a pamphlet, “Why Have A Deaf Ministry?Click Here. Please read it and consider those deaf in your area who may need to be saved and also attend a church. If you do not help them, who will? Because they have lost their hearing, they do not need to lose their souls. The greatest need of deaf people is not to hear, but to be saved. Because you give, many deaf will hear in Heaven!

On behalf of the many deaf who have been saved because of your prayers and support, we say, “Thank You.”



Loxy says, “Thank You.”

ln His Name,
Ted Camp

SWM Executive Operating Board: Dr. Ted Camp, Founder – Jon Barr, Director of Operations – Jim Bracelin, Director of SWM Outreach Ministries

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Praise Reports
Tabitha Beam is thankful to learn that a deaf young man that she interprets for was recently saved at his school. She is also thankful for the opportunity recently to share the Gospel with a 6th grade girl at her home church in Tennessee.

Jim and Terry Bracelin report very good meetings in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. They also had the privilege of leading two Deaf people to the Lord in an airport during an extended layover. They say, “Our delays are God’s divine appointments.”

Paul and Rachel Strosnider report that their booth at the DeaFestival went well. One man received Christ as Savior and many Gospel tracts and DVDs were distributed. Also, several good contacts were made for potential visitors.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart have found deputation to be a little “foretaste of Heaven” because they are meeting many new people who are brothers and sisters in Christ. Recently a new church partnered with them, raising their support level to 17%.

Drew and Melinda Wright – After their return from their England survey trip, the Wrights say they are more burdened, more excited, and more determined than ever before to serve in England. They met with several pastors and missionaries, and visited a primary school for the Deaf. They send thanks to those who gave and prayed.

SWM encourages you to pray for the mission team led by SWMI’s David Bennett as they minister at DeafNation World Expo in Las Vegas July 4-9. Over 20,000 Deaf people from 100+ countries of the world are expected to attend the Expo. SWM missionaries involved in this soul-winning outreach are David and Vicki Bennett, Tabitha Beam, Nicole Condra, Larry and Diana Galyen, and Bruce and Amanda Stuart. Prayer is specifically needed for salvation of souls, unity on the team, boldness to witness, and physical and spiritual safety. Pray for team members to be lights in a dark world and for God to be glorified.

Prayer Requests
Jon and Diane Barr, along with an SWM team, will conduct ASL (American Sign Language) Institutes in Trenton, Georgia, and Collegeville, Pennsylvania. These meetings are wonderful opportunities to influence church interpreters and Deaf people from several states. The Barrs will also present “Who are Deaf people?” to a local church, helping the church to understand Deaf people, their needs, and how to better minister to those needs.

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask you to please pray for meetings, including a Deaf Rally in Moscow, Maine. They also have a Fantastic Saturday soon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Reed and Donna Condra request prayers as they prepare for helping with a mission trip in July to Dominican Republic. They will join their son, Joel, and a team of young people in helping missionaries Eric and Juana Quinlan (Harvest Deaf Ministries) reach Deaf people on this mission field.

Bud and Jenna Ring ask prayer for Vaden, a deaf man who has kidney disease and is facing dialysis and possible kidney transplant. The Rings also have a major need of a truck to haul their trailer.

Allen Snare is again ministering all summer for Deaf camps at the Bill Rice Ranch in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Please pray for many Deaf people to come, for them to understand God’s Word, and for many to make salvation decisions. Pray for Allen and Ronnie Rice (Deaf evangelist) to make the messages clear and simple.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider ask for prayer that deaf people in their church will become spiritually mature enough to take leadership responsibilities. Pray also for unity and godliness in the lives of church members.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for more meetings in June, July, November, and December. They also are working on their deputation schedule for 2017. Please pray for a full schedule.

Drew and Melinda Wright ask you to pray with them for clear direction from the Lord in regard to precisely where they will begin their ministry in England. Please pray also for them as they continue deputation. They need many to join their support team.

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