He Hears Me

In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and He heard me” (Psalm 120:1).  What an incredible thought … the God Who created this universe actually takes time to listen to the cares and concerns that are on my heart today.  So often we carry the burdens of the day from that day into the next.  What a waste of time for the Christian to bear a burden that could easily be taken care of by our God!  The psalmist probably had problems that were similar to ours in the times he was living, but he had learned to take his burdens to God and allow Him to take care of them for Him.

I remember a number of times that I had issues at a job I was working on, and voiced those concerns to the manager, or boss.  Many times it seemed that my suggestions had not been considered correct, or important enough to act upon.  In one case, I shared a burden that I had for a potential problem that I could foresee coming, and I was told that my worries were not justified.  I felt as if the person I had shared the concerns with had not really listened to what I had told them.  Almost one year later, some changes took place within the organization that showed me that the person I had shared with had actually been listening.  Changes came that addressed my initial concerns.  I remember telling my wife, “They actually did listen!”  It was such a comfort.

I have learned through experience that whether I am casting my burdens upon the Lord or sharing a concern with a boss/leader, the timing does not always fit what I want, but it is always just at the right time.  There have been times that I have taken concerns to the Lord and thought there was no answer.  I have found out that the answer was on the way, it was just unseen by me at the time.  Because of this realization, I want to learn the lesson that God is always in control, and He will always do what is best for me at exactly the best time.

The application for today’s verse is that it is always good to leave your burdens with the Lord, but it is also best to trust His timing in providing the answer to the problems you face.  He does hear us … and His answer will always come at exactly the right time.  Don’t despair; God is still on the throne.  Don’t complain, simply trust Him for whatever is facing you right now and know that in your distress you can call upon Him, because He does hear you.  There is great comfort in knowing that God not only has the answer, but the ability to meet any challenge you are facing today!

Take your burden to the Lord and leave it there …” – Charles Tindley

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