2016-03 – March

Dear Friends,
The month of March! Can you believe we are already three months into 2016? It is hard for me to believe since I am still struggling to stop writing 2015! When thinking about what to share with you this month, I thought about the word “march.” When I think about that word, I am reminded of being in the marching band in high school. Our band was invited to Washington, DC, at the end of my senior year. I remember marching beside the Washington Memorial pool toward the Lincoln Memorial while playing patriotic songs. I had goosebumps as I thought about the history of our great nation and how thankful I was to be an American. Marching requires some things that parallel the things we do at Silent Word Ministries.

Marching requires forward movement. We at SWM are not sitting still. As the Director of Outreach Ministries, I am constantly praying for an expanded vision for what God wants us to do and more workers to help us do them. Recently I read instructions God gave Moses about his successor: “Let the LORD, the God of the spirits of all flesh, set a man over the congregation, which may go out before them, and which may go in before them, and which may lead them out, and which may bring them in” (Numbers 27:16-17). We are looking for God to provide us with future help. Please join us in prayer as we look for the “next generation” of SWM missionaries.

Marching requires walking together in unity. We are so thankful for the partnership God has given us with wonderful supporters like you. There are still those who believe in spreading the Gospel in every possible way. SWM is celebrating fifty years of attempting to reach the Deaf with every available tool. We have printed over two-and-a-half million tracts; we print SWM Newspapers bi-monthly; we print and distribute over 60 tri-fold Bible brochures; currently,1,065 Deaf are enrolled in our Deaf Bible Institute; we teach/preach weekly Bible Studies and post them online for worldwide access. We do not charge for any of these things! We feel strongly led of the Lord to do this at no cost to the recipient. In order to do all these things, we need faithful supporters like you.

Marching forward means stepping over barriers while still advancing. Fifty years ago, Ted Camp produced a simple newspaper using a mimeograph machine and sent it out to the Deaf. He did that because no one else was doing it. Today we print 11,500 newspapers for Deaf people and post it on the SWM website (making it available to Deaf people all around the world)! We are not resting on our past accomplishments, but are committed to going forward with the news of the Gospel. We do that because there are still vast numbers of unreached Deaf people. SWM is committed to marching ahead with a forward view. We are committed to pressing forward… using new technology and open doors… continuing to keep our stakes firmly rooted in the precious Word of God.

Thank you for being a part of the SWM marching “band.” We are not marching toward the Lincoln Memorial; we are marching to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant!” Those who financially and prayerfully support SWM are equal parts of this team. Your financial and prayer support have kept us marching forward these fifty years. We are committed to holding the ropes of this ministry, and we highly value those who march with us. You are a blessing as we move forward in 2016! Please view our SWM website, SilentWordMinistries.org, and check out the links included on our site. As you view them, pray that Deaf people will “hear” the Word in their hearts as they also view them.

Prayer and Praise Report

Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr report a very good Deaf Men’s Retreat. The spirit was good, and several men returned home having been challenged for ministry. Also, filming continues for the Creation2Christ videos;
24 lessons are complete at this time. Those and other teaching videos are available for viewing at SignTheBible.com.

Tabitha Beam is praising the Lord for the great sign language class she and SWM volunteer, Vicki Shiffer, were privileged to teach. Some of those who took the class have already volunteered their time at SWM.

Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for a very good meeting with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers in New Jersey and God’s wisdom in a Deaf ministry workshop in Ohio. The Lord also led as they ministered in two funerals. Souls were saved and people encouraged.

Reed and Donna Condra thank the Lord that Donna’s mom and sister are doing better. Also, Reed preached in Tennessee and for the SWM Men’s Retreat. They have also received several gifts which helped in purchasing a video camera, quality microphones, lights, and backdrop materials needed for filming lessons which have long been on their hearts.

Bud and Jenna Ring praise God for a travel trailer being given to them for their deputation!

Paul and Rachel Strosnider praise the Lord that He has added 4 new members to their church, and two other people are interested in being baptized soon. Already this year, several visitors have come.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are thankful for a new supporting church and an almost-full schedule of deputation meetings through June!

Drew and Melinda Wright are thrilled over the birth of their 3rd son, Timothy, who was born on February 4. All are doing well. They are also excited to report that all the needed funds have been received for their survey trip to England! They send a special thanks to those who gave.

SWM praises the Lord for the board members and many friends who help and advise in their areas of expertise. He continues to direct, provide, and open doors for this unique missionary Deaf ministry.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr are beginning a busy travel time for spring Fantastic Saturdays. Please pray they will be a help and encouragement to the many individuals and ministries that attend.

David and Vicki Bennett request prayer for the mission opportunity at DeafNation World Expo in July 4-9, 2016. SWMI is gathering a team for evangelism at this event that expects over 20,000 people – most of whom are Deaf. There are still openings for the team. If interested, contact David click here for more information.

Jim and Terry Bracelin ask prayer for a Fantastic Saturday and then Sunday meetings in Rhode Island and another Fantastic Saturday in Nova Scotia, Canada. They will also be singing and preaching at the Somerset Prison and seeking potential missionaries for the Deaf at a Bible college.

Reed and Donna Condra request prayer for the upcoming Fantastic Saturdays and for healing for our nation. Please pray also for lessons they are filming during 2016. Reed has been having much back pain and would appreciate your prayer for relief from that.

Bud and Jenna Ring ask you to pray for the funds for importing their new travel trailer from Minnesota to Nova Scotia and for some fees and taxes associated with getting it ready to travel. Please pray especially for the provision of the right truck for pulling the trailer. Please also pray for the salvation of Linda and Tammy – family members of Christine, a Deaf lady who recently passed away.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider request prayer for several deaf to continue to grow as they begin to take some leadership positions, such as teaching in Junior Church. Please pray also for their needed increased support due to the addition of baby Abigail. They are currently at 71%.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart request prayer for safety in travel and for Christ to be glorified through their scheduled meetings and mission conferences. Please also pray for more laborers in the Lord’s work in Gabon.

Drew and Melinda Wright have several meetings scheduled for the spring, but would ask your prayer for a full schedule so they can soon be on full-time deputation. Please pray also for them to get the needed information and to make good contacts through their survey trip to England in May.

SWM encourages you to pray for more laborers, both Deaf and hearing. SWM needs more missionaries, especially Deaf, regional directors, and someone to help in technical areas.

For IRS and Tax-deductible Purposes
All support or gifts should be made to Silent Word Ministries or SWM. Then designate “For………..”

Yours for Jesus’ Sake,

Jim Bracelin
II Corinthians 4:5
Director of SWM Outreach Ministries

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