2015-07 – November/December

Jim & TerryRecently I received word from a former college friend of his wife’s battle with pancreatic cancer. It reminded me again of the frailty of this life, but of the certainty of eternal life. It is important that we realize that this life is not the end. There is a life that will be spent either in Heaven or in Hell for every person you will meet today. We seem to focus so much on what is right in front of us. The couple I was referring to have been missionaries for over thirty years. They have loved and ministered to many different people groups, but have dear friends that are Muslim. The testimony of this woman today was, “It’s time for the gloves to come off.” They have been witnessing to these folks they love for many years, but her days are limited. She is very much aware of the fact that her opportunities to affect them for eternity is nearing an end. She wants to do all she can to reach them while she has the ability to make a difference. What about you? If you knew you had limited time here on the earth, would your first thought be of others? I hope mine would be. This life is simply the preface to your story. Don’t get so caught up in the introduction, that you miss the body of the book! I want to determine that I will not waste time on trivial matters today, I want my heart to be and remain focused on eternal things. I want to make God’s “main thing,” the main thing to me. Love the ones God has given you with all your heart today. Give what God touches your heart to give while you have the opportunity. This is the day! Use it!


Camp-contact-web-smThis is a “me” and “selfie” generation, but Scriptures teach us to care, and have compas- sion for those with special physical and emotional needs. After care-giving, my wife and I have learned to appreciate professional care-givers who serve others. At times care-giving is needed for those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lou Gehrig disease, terminal illnesses, elderly, disabled, or handicapped. I want to give a special thanks to Hospice which sends team members to be “there” to minister to all the different needs of bathing, clean- ing, talking, encouraging family members, helping with pain, and offering chaplain ser- vices. They always professionally seek what is best for the patient. Also thanks to 911 responders who provide free “lift assistance” as needed. Then a big understanding thanks to family members who open their hearts and home as care-givers to their own loved ones. They give unconditional love expecting nothing in return. It would also be good if churches would have a special care-givers appreciation service. Let me introduce you to some Bible care-givers: Ruth cared for Naomi as she willingly adjusted her life to meet the needs of Naomi. She cared for her aging mother-in-law and put aside all hope of remar- riage or future children. As a result, she was later rewarded with a husband, son, and a God who cared. Onesiphorus was a care-giver who often refreshed the lonely Paul in prison. “The Lord give mercy unto the house of Onesiphorus; for he oft refreshed me, and was not ashamed of my chain” (2 Tim. 1:16). Only Paul and the Lord saw Onesiphorus as he “often” refreshed Paul. My Onesiphorus poem: “Did I do my all, when no one knew and no one saw?” Priscilla and Aquila were care-givers who “often” used their home for hospitality. “Greet Priscilla and Aquila my helpers in Christ Jesus” (Romans 16:3). The Good Samaritan was a care-giver. “But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him” (Luke 10:33). One day the Lord will reward special care-givers. “Come, ye blessed of my Father…For I was an hun- gered…ye gave me meat: I was thirsty…ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in: Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick, and ye visited me: I was in prison, and ye came unto me. Then shall the righteous answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?…a stranger, and took thee in? or naked, and clothed thee?…sick, or in prison, and came unto thee? And the King shall answer…Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:35-40). Thank you for caring!

W H E R E W E H A V E B E E N . . . W H E R E W E A R E G O I N Gmap
“For a great door and effectual is opened …” I Corinthians 16:9

What God has done …
Sep 5 — We had a Fantastic Saturday meeting at Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple in Johnston, RI. We had 62 attend,and 2 saved!
Sep 8 — I preached at Chester County Prison and saw 14 saved.
Sep 13 — I preached for a “Bring your tractor to church” Sunday with the Fellowship of Christian Farmers in NJ and we saw 24 saved!
Sep 20 — We presented our work at Wakefield Bible Church in Westminster, MD. It was a great time of fellowship!
Sep 26 — We had a booth at the DeafNation Expo in Edison, NJ. They reported 3,600 at the Expo. We saw 4 saved! Another good group called Romans Road saw 14 saved! Praise the Lord!
Oct 8-10 — Terry and our home church hosted the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat in Valley Forge, PA and Terry spoke. There were 156 ladies from 22 stated (including Alaska)!
Oct 13 — I preached at Chester County Prison and saw 27 saved!
Oct 18-21 — We attended a Missions Conference at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Prospect, PA. Had a great time preaching/ interpreting.
Oct 24-25 — We had a Fantastic Saturday at Capitol City Baptist in Holt, MI with Allen Snare and Reed and Donna Condra. We had 71 in attendance and 2 saved!
Oct 31-Nov 1 — We had a Fantastic Saturday at Hope Baptist Church in Hanover, PA. with Allen Snare. We had 100 attend.

Where we are going …
Nov 7 — We will have our last Fantastic Saturday of the year at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Gloucester City, NJ.
Nov 8 — I will preach at Calvary Bible Church in Phoenixville, PA.
Nov 9-13 — I will travel to Georgia and preach at Harvest Baptist Deaf College chapel on the 10th. I will have a planning meeting on the 11th. I will help out with things around the SWM Office.
Nov 15 — I am preaching in the morning at Bible Baptist Church in Quakertown, PA as part of their Missions emphasis.
Nov 15 — I am preaching at our home church, Valley Forge Baptist in the evening.
Nov 17 — I will preach at Chester County Prison.
Nov 22 — I will preach at Graterford Prison.
Dec 12 — I will speak at Grace of Calvary Baptist in Erie, PA for their Deaf Christmas banquet.
Dec 15 — I will preach at Chester County Prison.
Dec 27 — I will preach at Graterford Prison.

We are excited to finish this year strong! We have seen God do some incredible things this year! We are excited to see all that He will do in the days ahead. As always, we really depend on God’s people praying for us in these opportunities. Each opportunity on it’s own may not seem like that much, but there are individuals at each of these stops that desperately need our Savior! We hope you will earnestly take these requests before the Lord. We depend on your part in our team more than you can know. Without prayer there is no power! Thank you for being a part of our team!

From A Woman’s Perspective – Terry BracelinTerry-a

During this month I am so grateful for many things. One is my husband! Last month, our church hosted the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat in Valley Forge. The theme was ‘Bow the knee.’ Daily I as reminded, as we work together things get done, that I must seek His face and help to do anything. I can say that without the help of my husband, in many areas, I would have been stressed out. I am truly blessed with a godly man who loves me! I do not deserve this precious gift.

God’s Word is true—”Wives, submit yourselves unto your own hus- bands, as unt o t he L ord .” Some- times ladies do not want to hear this, but the important phrase is “as unto the Lord.” If I respect and hon- or my husband as I would the Lord, then my husband will want to help me or do whatever I may need. I experienced that this past year get- ting things together for the Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat. Jim gave me much wise counsel … helped me with computer details … drove me to meetings … and came to the retreat to film and do the PowerPoint, and many other things. Why did he do that? Did I nag him … whine to him? No, I humbled myself and loved him … praised him … and thanked him as we worked as a team. This month we will be married for thirty-six years. I am still in love with the godly man the Lord gave me in 1979. “… all the wives shall give to their husbands honor …” (Esther 1:20). I love you Jim! Thank you!

F r o m M y D e s k T o Y o u r H e a r tEditor
Jim-aOpening my heart—for the Deaf World—Jim Bracelin

I have been given a new position of Director of Outreach with Silent Word Ministries. This gives me the freedom to reach beyond what we have done and where we have gone to area’s beyond. This position gives me the freedom to help SWM to pursue the Great Commission.

For years SWM has printed a newspaper that is published every two months and sent to approximately 12,000 people all over America. We have printed and sent these free to all because we believe it is vital to reaching the world with the Gospel and also to encourage and build up believers. This newspaper is written specifically for the Deaf world, and has been one of the most effective tools for this purpose for almost fifty years!

SWM prints Gospel tracts (also free of charge) as well. As of July 2015, we have printed 2,528,136 tracts. We have done this without charging for the tracts or postage. We have seen hundreds of people saved through the years with these tracts. SWM publishes pamphlets with helps for believers in Christian living and principles. Again, these are sent out without cost to those receiving them. Part of my new responsibilities will involve helping to raise money to support these ministries within SWM moving forward. As a result of this, I would like you to consider a one-time gift, or a monthly gift to support these various parts of our ministry. You can do this by sending your gift to SWM at P.O. Box 889, Trenton, GA 30752 and marking the memo section of your check with “Outreach” or “Newspaper” or “Tracts.” If you desire to give on line you may click here. Every- thing you give will go directly and completely to these ministries.

I love this part of SWM! We do not charge for anything that promotes the Great Commission. Terry and I have been privileged to help with this ministry ourselves, and I would not want to rob you of the opportunity for blessing as well. There are very few things that I know of that so directly impact the Gospel getting to an unreached people group as these tools. I know there are many ways to use your finances today, but this one could impact souls. I trust you will sense my heart in this, and will join with Terry and me as we attempt to make the maximum difference possi- ble with the time God has given us!


Ever since I started working with the Deaf, I have had a great time laughing at myself. I have found that a Hearing person that cannot laugh at themselves will not have much success in Deaf ministry. There will be very funny times that come when you are trying to learn the language of the Deaf.

One of the early lessons I had to learn was that Deaf people are very literal. You must say what you mean and mean what you say. I remember talking to a Deaf friend and signing, “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse.” My friend looked at me and signed with a disgusted look, “You eat horse?” I quickly signed, “No, I don’t eat horse.” I realized that I was in deep trouble. I did not have enough signs to explain that I just meant that I was so hungry that I could eat something strange.

In the early days of learning Sign Language, I had a horrible time remembering the difference between the sign for “man” and “woman.” Many times I would be teaching and sign, “When I was a young woman …” of course, I meant, “When I was a young man …” The Deaf would giggle and look at each other. I would ask what I had done wrong (because I thought I had signed it perfectly). They would tell me that I signed that I was a woman AGAIN! We have had some good laughs in Deaf ministry! Don’t take yourself too seriously!


Who would think that playing games together would be such an anticipated thing? Just a few months ago we had a croquetpicnic with some of our family. After we ate, two of our son-in-law’s wanted to challenge Terry to a game of croquet. We all went out in the yard and set up our croquet course. They all chose their color and mallet. As we began to play it was obvious that Terry had the bulls eye on her. You see, she is the master of almost every game we play as a family. She is the champion more often than not. She has set the bar high, and everyone in our family is extremely competitive. I’m not sure where they all get that from, but whenever we play any game, it is the goal of all to beat Terry! We started playing with our children and grandchildren. As the game went along, it was obvious that all eyes were on the play of Terry. I was content to be “taken out” so I could watch without distraction. Well let me tell you history was made! One of our son-in-law’s beat Terry! His celebration was tempered because he wanted some dessert that she had made when we went back inside! It is great to be able to laugh together as a family. Don’t allow busy schedules to block these times in your family. We can not turn the clock back to recoup these times. They are vital to the health of future generations!

Because of your prayer and financial support, we are thankful, and committed to minister to the Deaf on your behalf until the Lord returns.november_page4_image8

Our Contact Information: Click Here  We would love to schedule a meeting or presentation at your church!

A full listing of our materials is in our newspaper; or by requesting an order form from our office at: P.O. Box 889, Trenton, GA 30752 or check the Silent Word website at www.silentwordministries.org

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