Reach Out and Touch Someone

In this generation of technology it seems the personal touch is missing. As one said, “I am tired of Facebook, I want a face look.” Some have learned you can have thousands ofFB friends and still be lonely. In 1989, AT&T said, “Reach out and touch someone.”Today it is, “Reach out and text some one.” We need to realize that there is no substitute for a “touch” and being “there” when needed. Illustration: A boy was declining in health. One compassionate nurse said some kinds words, and hugged him. She noticed he perked up. She did this on each visit. The doctor was amazed at the boy’s improvement and asked, “What made the difference?” The nurse said he seems to improve with love and hugs. The doctor prescribed, “Give more love and hugs.” There are many who need this prescription. There are times that everyone needs to be loved and hugged – everyone! One girl was playing and called to her dad, “Come out and play with me, I am alone.” He said, “Not now I am busy. But remember you are not the alone, the Lord is with you.” She said, “I know, but I want someone with skin that I can touch.” A touch means more than a text. Someone needs you! It seems that I-phones, cell phones, and smart phones are now 24/7/365 and in constant control of our lives. Well, it could be time to put down your I-Pad, Smart phone, cell phone, FB, emails, texting, unplug your ear-phones and reach out and “touch” someone. “Some having compassion making a difference” (Jude 21). At this time, can you think of someone that you need to reach out and “touch?” Someone in a nursing home, hospital, a shut-in, invalid, or living alone. Someone facing a tragedy, health issues, discouragement, disappointment, a broken home or a broken heart? Has the Lord touched your heart to touch someone? “But whoso hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels (heart) of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him?” (I John 3:17). Do you see or know someone who needs you? Reach out and touch someone. Do it now! Tomorrow could be too late. Don’t have later regrets! You will be glad you did, so will they, and so will the Lord.

Thot: People do not care what you know until they know that you care!  God is only interested in people!

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