2015-09 – September

September 2015

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Recently a lady in Trenton asked, “So, what is Silent Word Ministries?” Although she knew we were a deaf ministry, the answer really surprised her. Also, many who visit our ministry leave surprised at what God is doing. (When in the area, please come visit SWM yourself.) I thought it would be good to share with you the many ways SWM is reaching out into the Deaf World for Christ to fulfill our mission statement,

“But we will give ourselves… to the ministry of the word – to Deaf people worldwide” – Acts 6:4

History – SWM began in the fall of 1966. The following January, the first publication of “The Silent Word”the silent word newspaper was published – printed on both sides of one page and sent to 50 homes. Silent Word Ministries has grown to also include an extensive publishing ministry for Deaf people and deaf ministries, the Deaf Bible Institute (DBI), the Teaching and Training Bible Institute (T&T), SWM Northeast, the Silent Word Mission Board (SWMB), and SWM International (Foreign Missions). We just completed the annual SWMB Missions Retreat. At this time, SWM has 14 families serving as either vocational missionaries or in the Ministry of Helps. Three of these missionary families are raising support to serve on foreign fields. Numerous local volunteers help send the Silent Word Newspaper and keep the SWM office well-maintained and clean. More distant volunteers also visit and help in their areas of expertise. It is a joy to serve the Lord at SWM!

Blessings Revealed In Numbers Since 1966 – As SWM goes “into all the [Deaf] World,” it is a joy to consider these totals from all areas of our ministry: *Tracts: 2,526,636 – *Deaf Bible Institute Courses: 263,209 – Pamphlets: 126,773 – Booklets: 110,257 – Manuals: 54,785 – Grand Total Printing: 7,062,295 (4 presses) – SWM Gospel DVDs: 70,905 – Other SWM DVDs: 4,870 – DBI Enrolled: 1042 – T&T Bible Institute Enrolled: 80
*Silent Word Newspaper Circulation: 12,000, plus 1,030 online – 2015 Salvation Decisions Reported: 326 – Grand Total SWM Salvation Decisions Reported: 13,819 (USA and Foreign) – What a joy to know that God is using these materials and missionaries to Reach and Teach Deaf people for Christ! *Sent FREE as the Lord Provides

Fall Meetings and Ministry – This fall SWM missionaries will continue traveling, preaching, teaching, and sharing the Gospel. Deaf ministry Fantastic Saturdays have already begun. Drew and Melinda Wright are planning a survey trip to England with SWMI Director David Bennett. The Wrights, Nicole Condra, and Bruce and Amanda Stuart continue to raise support as foreign missionaries. All SWM missionaries will be presenting their ministries in missions conferences and regular church meetings. Many other projects are in progress at the SWM home office. Please pray for all SWM missionaries and for more laborers. It is a joy to ask prayer for, as Allen Snare says, “more Deaf people to be saved.”

Ambassadors – SWM is a unique missionary deaf ministry. We only build as the Lord provides. It is a blessing that Silent Word Ministries remains debt-free. Thank you for helping and praying so we can “give ourselvesto the ministry of the word – to Deaf people worldwide.” We realize that God does not call everyone to the deaf ministry, but He does call some. I am, and we are, thankful He called us. Through the many long hours of ministry, teaching, preaching, traveling, and preparing, I recently realized… our ministry is not a job, it is a joy! Thank you for the privilege to serve as your ambassadors to the Deaf World!

For Deaf Souls,
Jon Barr

SWM Executive Operating Board: Ted Camp, Director/Founder – Jon Barr, Director of Operations – Jim Bracelin, Director of Outreach Operations
“Helping Churches Fulfill the Great Commission to the Deaf World”

Countries Our Ministry and Missionaries Have Served
USA/Guam – Mozambique – Canada – Philippines – Bahamas – China – Puerto Rico – Peru – Virgin Islands – Belize – Cuba India – Brazil – South Africa – Romania – Trinidad – Turks & Caicos Islands – St. Lucia Island – St. Kitts Island – Guatemala Mexico – Bolivia – Ukraine – Australia – Gabon – Ghana – Cameroon – Nepal – Haiti and New Zealand
Praise Reports

Jon and Diane Barr and Jim and Terry Bracelin praise the Lord for the good attendance and good reception to the teaching at the Pennsylvania ASL Institute / Deaf Bible Conference. Workshops were given to help with improving signing skills and ministry effectiveness. Several people commented that the meetings gave them tools to be more successful at reaching Deaf people for Christ in their areas.

Tabitha Beam recently had the opportunity to teach a series of classes to middle school girls in her local church. She also interpreted there and in her home church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Reed and Donna Condra are glad that Donna is home from helping with health situations with her sister and brother-in-law in Michigan. While there, she witnessed to Gloria, an 88-year-old lady in the rehab facility, and Gloria trusted Christ as Savior. The Condras also have been blessed in recent days to see their grown children serving in deaf ministry.

Allen Snare reports one salvation decision made at the Bill Rice Ranch Deaf Adults week and two more at the Pennsylvania Deaf and Family Camp. He also led the SWM Deaf Bible Conference in Pennsylvania and preached for a church in that area.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider are grateful that Paul if feeling much better and that their support has increased to 80%. They also give praise that Brad, a deaf teenager, was recently baptized.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart are excited to see the Lord provide needs and grow their faith. They were recently given a new-for-them van and a projector for deputation!

Drew and Melinda Wright rejoice that they received their first support! They also thank the Lord that all is going well with Melinda’s pregnancy – baby #3.

Prayer Requests

Jon and Diane Barr request your prayers for several meetings this fall. Fantastic Saturdays are scheduled in Washington, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Virginia. In addition, they will be involved in two missions conferences and speaking for a Deaf ministry in Ohio.

Tabitha Beam asks prayer for wisdom and boldness as she witnesses to the unsaved and as she seeks additional support.

David and Vicki Bennett ask your prayer for the “Creation to Christ” video project David is filming in pantomime and gestures. This is a major project for teaching of God, man, sin, the need of a Savior, and Christ – the only means of salvation, to Deaf people of the world who have very limited or no language. Prayer is needed for wisdom, strength, and creativity. Also pray for the equipment and the filming process. Please pray for finances for a survey trip to England in September, and a ministry trip to Brazil in November. Gifts for these trips can be sent to SWM, designated “Bennett – Mission Trips.”

Jim and Terry Bracelin would appreciate your prayers especially for Terry as she and Valley Forge Baptist host the 29th Annual Deaf Baptist Ladies Retreat. Pray also for the Bracelins as they begin their fall Fantastic Saturdays.

Reed and Donna Condra request prayer for success in preparing teaching materials. Please also continue to pray for Deb and Bill – Donna’s sister and brother-in-law.

Paul and Rachel Strosnider ask your prayers for unity among their church members and for wisdom in leadership. Pray also for Rachel’s pregnancy to continue healthy.

Bruce and Amanda Stuart ask prayer for funds to print their brochures and letterhead, and they need more meetings for the fall. Also, please pray for Nick and his brother who are seeking God’s will for their lives.

Bill and Eleanor Towner would appreciate your prayer for Eleanor’s continued recovery. Please pray for encouragement as her physical problems seem to linger.

Drew and Melinda Wright are planning a survey trip to England in September. Please pray for the needed funds. If you would like to give to this project, send donations to SWM, designated “Wright – Mission Trip.”

SWM International is hosting a missions trip to the 2016 Deaf Nation World Expo in Las Vegas next summer. Please pray for wisdom in planning that trip and for those on the team to have a burden for people and the courage to reach out to them with the Gospel.

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