2015-07 – July

Dear Friends,

There are some strange expressions we use for these summer months. One I have heard is, “the lazy, crazy days of summer.” As I sit here at my desk and think about what to share with each of you, I want to assure you that we at SWM do not consider these summer days a time to relax and slow down. As a matter of fact, our ministry seems to advance with a greater intensity during these summer months. SWM and SWMI will be very busy conducting training times that are designed to keep the ministry on track and get us moving forward with more enthusiasm than ever before. Allen Snare preaches at the Bill Rice Ranch, giving them, and SWM, a chance to continue to invest in a ministry that has meant so much to Ted and Carlene Camp, our founders. Our teams will take missions trips, conduct Fantastic Saturday meetings, help with Deaf camps, and conduct teaching seminars for interpreters with a Deaf Bible Conference in the south and north. At the end of August, all (14 missionary families) will meet together for our annual missions retreat, a time of learning, fellowship, and planning for the future. Please review the missionary reports on the back of this page. Pray for the many areas of service. These missionaries are worthy of your prayers, support and special gifts.

When I was asked to write this monthly letter, I thought of the many churches and supporters who faithfully make our ministry possible. Your prayers and support are vital and mean very much to this ministry and missionaries. The fact that you give regularly allows us to fulfill our calling to attack the gates of Hell for the Deaf. We will be eternally indebted to you for your sacrifice. Your sacrificial giving represents far more than money. You also represent cheerleaders on the sidelines cheering us on to victory. So when you pray that prayer, write that check, or drop that money in the plate to support missions, it is far more than a financial investment. You are also investing in eternal benefits. One day you will see the results of your part into missions. Thank you for sharing and caring!

On a personal note, last month Terry and I received a letter from one of our dearest supporters. The letter was from her son letting us know that his mother regretted that she could no longer continue to support us financially, as she had entered a nursing home. I responded to let him know that his mother had invested far more than finances in our ministry. You see, she was a retired English teacher. (I’m not sure they ever retire.) She read and re-read all of our correspondence and would let us know whenever we made grammar mistakes. She “did what she could” to invest in our lives, and we know she will pray for us. Thank God for those who support ministries in many different ways.

I want to close with a huge “THANK YOU” for your investment in SWM and the lives and ministries of our missionaries. So far this year from all areas of the ministry, we have 284 reported salvation decisions. Because of churches and folks like you, there will be many (formerly) Deaf souls that you will meet in Heaven. Because of your faithful giving and support, we are able to print, preach, teach, go overseas, train, and continue to accomplish the Great Commission. You are making an eternal difference, and we thank you.
His Servant,

Jim Bracelin,
Director of Outreach Ministries

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