Go With The Gospel Into The Deaf World

Fishing For Deaf Souls

I was interested in the Bible story of Jesus and Peter in John 21. Jesus was an encouragement to Peter. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, Peter departed from God and went back to his old way as a fisherman. He told his friends, “I go a fishing.” They said to him,”We also go with you.” They entered into a ship and that night they caught nothing. Jesus stood on the shore, and saw them in the ship. They saw Jesus on the shore but they did not know Him. Jesus asked them if they had caught any fish. They answered Him, “No.” He told them to throw the net on the right side of the ship, and they would find fish. They obeyed and did throw the net to the right side. They caught many fish and were not able to draw the net. (I believe they were shocked about the many fish.) Later, Jesus called them to come and eat together. Then the diciples knew that it was Jesus. Peter had denied Jesus and gone back to his old life. But Jesus loved Peter and wanted him to serve God. Three times Jesus asked Peter, “Lovest thou Me?” Three times Peter answered Him, “Yes, Lord.” Three times Jesus said to him, “Feed My sheep.” “Feed My sheep” means to preach and teach so that people can know God. Peter’s heart was grieved. He had turned his back on God. Jesus encouraged him to do right and obey Him. He forgave Peter’s sins and gave him a new beginning to preach and to serve God. Peter became a fisher of men. He soon saw 3,000 saved at Pentecost.

When I was a Deaf pastor at a Baptist church in Pennsylvania, I sometimes became discouraged. It seemed at times the deaf people did not want to listen to my preaching and teaching. I felt I wanted to quit preaching. Then one day the leader of a Baptist church in Atlanta, Georgia, called me to come to preach a special deaf meeting. I asked my pastor about it. He permitted me to go for the meeting. There was a deaf banquet on Saturday night. I saw about 50 deaf people there. After the banquet, we went to the auditorium for the service. I sat on the front pew. I felt ready to preach. The leader ran to stand before us and announced, “More deaf people have come.” I stood up and turned to look. There were over 100 deaf in the auditorium. The Lord touched my heart and seemed to say to me, “See the deaf people.” I was quiet to look at them. My heart became burdened for them. The Lord said to me, “Who will help them?” I answered Him, “Me.” My discouragement was gone and it seemed the same as Peter. The Lord had forgiven me and given me a new beginning. As Peter I am fishing for deaf souls. I never want to quit serving God. No matter what happens, I want to continue to serve Him. I love to serve the Lord and help deaf people to be saved. My heart’s desire is to see deaf people saved.  If I can be of spiritual help – contact me:

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