Our Great Savior – November 29, 2013 (By J. Wilbur Chapman)

Whenever I am traveling somewhere that I have never been before, I like going with someone who has already been to the place we are going.  It always gives me a feeling of security and comfort to know that I am with someone who knows what we are doing.  If I am walking a path through the woods, I like to be with an experienced woodsman who has already been on this path before and knows the twists and turns we will need to take to arrive at the destination we are looking to reach.

Two of the sweetest words in your English Bible are “Jesus wept” (John 11:35).  They are sweet because we realize that we have a Savior that cares about our burdens and the things that break our heart.  You never have to consider if God knows what you are going through.  Here in John 11, Jesus saw his good friends, Mary, and Martha grieving the loss of their brother, Lazarus.  Jesus’ heart was moved to the point of groaning when he saw the grief they were enduring.  Verse 35 shows us the full humanity of Jesus as He also cried at the suffering He saw His friends enduring.

Be sure that whatever burden you are caring; whatever difficult situation you are facing; whatever challenge you see in front of you that is far beyond what you think you can handle … Jesus is beside you, and understands what you are facing.  What a great benefit to us as we travel on this journey from this world to Heaven!  We have a God Who not only made us, but also knows the troubles we face here on this earth!  We are so blessed.  This made me think of one of my favorite old hymns.

Verse 1: Jesus!  What a Friend for sinners!  Jesus!  Lover of my soul; friends may fail me, foes assail me, He, my Savior, makes me whole.

Verse 2: Jesus!  What a Strength in weakness!  Let me hide myself in Him; tempted, tried, and sometimes failing, He, my Strength, my vict’ry wins.

Verse 3: Jesus!  What a Help in sorrow!  While the billows o’er me roll; even when my heart is breaking, He, my Comfort, helps my soul.

Verse 4: Jesus!  What a Guide and Keeper!  While the tempest still is high; storms about me, night o’ertakes me, He, my Pilot, hears my cry.

Verse 5: Jesus!  I do not receive Him, more than all in Him I find; He hath granted me forgiveness, I am His, and He is mine.

Chorus: Hallelujah!  What a Savior!  Hallelujah!  What a Friend!  Saving, helping, keeping, loving, He is with me to the end.

What a great Savior!  We have been blessed to walk with this Savior Who has experienced the challenges and burdens of life and has the ability to come alongside us and offer comfort that lasts, and peace that will endure whatever situation we are facing.  Walk with the Savior today.  Don’t fight against His leadership.  Trust His guidance for your life today.

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