Go With The Gospel Into The Deaf World

My Heart’s Desire

 Paul’s  heart’s desire was to see Israel (Jews) saved. My heart’s desire is to see Deaf people saved. I was born deaf and went to church with my family (all hearing). There was no interpreter. In school I was very involved in sports. After graduation I played on a softball team from the church. We competed with teams from area churches. A  pastor from one of the churches saw that I was deaf and felt a burden for my soul. In the fall of l967, he called Evangelist Bill Rice III from the Bill Rice Ranch to preach a revival meeting. I went to the revival and met Bill III and his wife, Mary. He preached and Mary interpreted. It was my first time to see an interpreter in church. After the meeting, she asked me, “Did you ask Jesus to come in your heart?” I said, “No.” I had never heard about Jesus coming into my heart. Bill explained to me how to be saved. I understood very clearly. I accepted Jesus and my life was changed. That pastor’s heart was burdened for the deaf, and he established  a deaf ministry at his church. I faithfully attended the church for four years. In 1971, the Lord called me to go to Tennessee Temple Schools. While a student, I went with a team to the Georgia School for the Deaf. There I preached the Gospel, and 25 deaf students accepted Jesus Christ. My heart became burdened and a desire began to grow to see other deaf people saved. Afterwards, I prayed to God and gave Him my life to do whatever He wanted. He called me to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Deaf World. Since then I have pastored five different churches, served as a missionary with Bill Rice Ranch Missions, and, since 1998, have served as a missionary with SWM. My heart’s desire is to tell the Deaf the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. (The Lord has allowed me to travel all over the USA and many foreign countries to reach Deaf people. In future articles I will share with you some amazing salvation stories.) If you need spiritual help contact me by clicking Here.

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