Go With The Gospel Into The Deaf World

My Personal Testimony
(Condensed from DD01 Deaf Ministries)

How I Met My Wife

Special Deaf Revival – I preached in one special meeting I will never forget. Why? Because in this special meeting I met my future wife. The church was Cornerstone Baptist Church in Colorado Spring, Colorado, Pastor Dean Miller. The deaf leader was Gary Ferguson. Gary and his wife, Karen, told me there was one deaf lady that was very faithful to their church. They introduced me to Debbie LaVine. I talked with her for a short time and became very interested in this pretty deaf lady.  I went back to El Paso, Texas, but I did not forget Debbie. I could not stop thinking about her. How could I get to know her more? We were both deaf and both lived far from each other. I could not call her on the telephone because Deaf people did not have TTYs in those days. I learned quickly that it is hard for Deaf people to court and contact other deaf people. I did not want to lose contact with Debbie. I wanted to know her better. Should I write? I knew in my heart I wanted to see her again. I prayed that the Lord would make it possible.

The Next Fall – Pastor Dean Miller called me to come again and preach another Deaf Revival. I was excited to return to the church. I would be able to see Debbie again. I would notice where she sat each night. Every night I preached the Gospel. One night I was surprised to see Debbie come forward to be saved. God touched her heart as I preached. She wanted to be saved. Wow! I nervously counseled her and asked, “What do you need?” She said that she needed to be saved. This was exciting to me. Karen Ferguson took Debbie aside and helped her understand how to accept Jesus. Debbie accepted Jesus and was saved. After that meeting I went back home, but again, I could not forget Debbie. I felt that God had led me to Debbie. I had been praying for over nine years for the right wife. Now, I felt that Debbie was the right wife for me. I had finally found the right girl to be my wife. I decided to write letters to Debbie, and I was happy when she wrote back to me. I was excited to receive letters from her. Finally, I asked Debbie to marry me! We were engaged, and then married on July 22, 1978. We were both very happy. I thought, “God gave me the right woman for a wife. He let me win her to the Lord. Thank you God! Debbie is now in Heaven (cancer 2006).” I am glad God touched my heart for soul winning. Soul-winning helped me find my wife, and because of soul-winning I will see her again in Heaven!After we were married, Debbie and I served the Lord for four years at Bel Air Baptist Church in El Paso, Texas, and for one year at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We also served at Deaf Baptist Church in Midfield, Alabama, for one year and at Deaf Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio, for one year.

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