The Rough Uncut Stone

The Rough Uncut Stone

Did you know that valuable diamonds lie within some rough uncut stones. At first, an uncut stone looks like another ordinary rough stone. When the stone is found it is then placed in the hands of a master cutter who slowly examines it for blemishes and defects. The master diamond cutter sees the potential within the rough stone. He knows and sees what no other knows or sees. Some just see a stone, but he sees a diamond waiting to come forth. After the master examines the stone then it must be cut just right for the diamond to come forth. A wrong blow could shatter it and make it worthless. Slowly the master cutter puts a notch on the stone and then strikes the blow that makes the difference in success or failure. When he strikes the blow the rough uncut stone falls away and a very valuable diamond comes forth. This is an example of how the Lord is the Master Cutter and you are the rough uncut stone. The Lord takes worthless vessels and transforms them into great value. It is amazing how the Master Cutter can make ordinary stones become extraordinary diamonds. The Lord said to Lazarus “come forth” and transformed him to life to bring glorify to Him. “he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth” (John 11:43-44). There are times that the Lord can call you, an uncut stone, to “come forth” and become a gem that will bring glory and honor to Him.

The Lord can do extraordinary things with ordinary people. It is the touch of the Master that makes the difference. There are times the Master must hew away the stone so the diamond can come forth. The process may be painful and unappreciated at the time, but the end results are worth it. Once Michelangelo stood looking at a large marble stone, another person said, “All I see is a large stone.” The master sculptor replied, “I see an angel imprisoned within the stone waiting to come forth.” He saw the potential within the marble stone. The late, Dr. Harold Sighter, said, “God is nothing more than a glorified junk dealer. He takes worthless things and makes them of great value.” There is a song, “He’s still working on me… and the paint is still wet.” At this time He may be working on you. you may be going through the painful process changing from a rough stone to a diamond. He could soon strike the blow that will bring you forth. Don’t resist but respond. Let the Lord bring you forth for His service. Remember the final results will be worth it. All things still work together for good (Romans 8:28). Even the bad can become good through the hands of the Master. Be patient and remember that God is still working on you. He is not finished yet. It may be time for you to “come forth” to be greatly used of the Lord. Trust the Master as He knows what is best as He is too wise to do wrong… These are Words of Wisdom


A Rough Uncut Stone

A large rough uncut stone was found,
within was a diamond round,
the master cutter viewed for flaw,
he saw the value and potential of it all,
the stone must be notched and cut,
the final blow must be struck,
the hammer is raised to strike the blow,
a diamond comes forth with a glow,
the worthless stone is now a priceless gem,
thanks to the Master all praise belongs unto Him
(“Come Forth” – John 11:43-44)
By Ted Camp

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