Go With The Gospel Into The Deaf World

 My Personal Testimony

Many years ago, as a young boy, I went to church with my family who was faithful to a church in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. The church did not have any interpreters for me, so I just sat and looked around at some pictures of the Bible story and watched the preacher speaking in words I could not understand.  I graduated from Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in 1967. I played softball with our church team. We played against other church teams. The pastor looked at me and became concerned if I was saved. He became burdened because I was deaf and could not hear the preaching. He then called the Bill Rice Ranch and talked to Bill Rice III to come to a revival meeting in his church. The Pastor wrote to me about the revival and invited me to attend. He told me that the speaker knew sign language. I went to the revival at his church and met Bill III and his wife Mary. Bill III, preached and Mary interpreted for me. It was the first time in my life that I saw a message interpreted. After the meeting, she asked me, “Did you ask Jesus to come in your heart?”  I did not understand what she meant. I had never heard the Gospel before. So Bill III explained to me how to be saved. I then understood very clearly about Jesus. I accepted Jesus to be saved. I thank God I finally understood. My life was changed new. I found the verse in Isaiah 29:18a, “And in that day shall the deaf hear (understand) the words of the book (Bible)…” All deaf can be saved through Jesus’ Gospel, the same as me. I thank Him that He loves me and all deaf people. Are you saved? Be Saved Now!

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