Go With The Gospel Into The Deaf World


The deaf cannot hear the many sounds of the world. The deaf cannot hear the radio or television. The Deaf cannot hear the voices of their families and friends. Deaf mothers cannot hear the baby cry. Deaf people live in a silent world. We appreciate it when someone tries to learn our language and be our friend. The Deaf cannot hear, but there is much the deaf can do.

The deaf can read and write. The deaf can use Sign Language, go to school, work for a living. They can do many other wonderful things. The deaf need to be thankful because they were born in America and not in a foreign country that ignores the deaf. The deaf need to be thankful they were not born in the days when the deaf had no education. Also, the deaf can be saved. The most important thing in life is to be saved, and one day go to the beautiful place called Heaven. In Heaven there will be no deafness.

In the past the Deaf could not understand the Gospel. That is not a problem in this generation, especially in America. “The greatest need of a deaf person is not to hear, but to be saved! In Heaven the Deaf will hear forever!”  God understands your heart and thoughts. The Deaf can pray to God in Signs or thoughts from their heart. The Deaf can hear God as He speaks to their heart. Many of your friends or family may not understand your signs or the deaf culture, but God understands and loves you. How do I know the deaf can be saved, because I am saved. If God can save me, He can also save you. The deaf can be saved!

Please contact me.  I will send you SWM “free” tracts: “Something The Deaf Can Hear” and “What God Wants The Deaf to Know.”

(My Testimony Next Issue)

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