Why Are We Called ‘Silent Word Ministries?’

In 1966, Ted and Carlene Camp began sending a bulletin called “The Silent Word.” Upon returning to Trenton in 1993, the ministry was called “Silent Word Ministry.” Because of growth in many areas, the ministry was incorporated as “Silent Word Ministries.” Today, SWM is involved in many areas of ministry, such as…

Literature and Publications Ministry – SWM continually creates and produces literature and videos for Deaf people, deaf churches, and deaf ministries. There are over 300 items available through SWM meetings, in the Newspaper, or at SilentWordMinistries.org. Write for free catalog.

Deaf Bible Institute (DBI) – A free Bible correspondence program for Deaf people. It has 20 booklet courses, and can be used as a personal study or as a group program. Currently, 971 Deaf people are enrolled, including 56 prisoners and 242 foreign students. Overall, 239 students have graduated from DBI.

Teaching and Training Bible Institute
(T&T) –  Class Supervisors use DVDs (presented in voice and sign language) and Student Handbooks, to help Deaf and hearing people study Bible doctrines and understand the Bible better. Students receive certificates for each class completed. There is no graduation from this continuing program, but students enroll in new courses as they become available.

The Silent Word Newspaper – Published six times a year, with a circulation to more than 12,500 individuals, deaf ministries, deaf churches, and schools for the deaf. The desire is for the newspaper to financially support itself through church ads and the Sender’s Club. (Want to help? Click here.)

Meetings – SWM conducts many deaf ministry meetings throughout the year, such as Fantastic Saturday (an all-day deaf ministry workshop for Deaf and hearing people), ASL Institute (specialized ASL training for church interpreters), Deaf Bible Conference (at the same time as ASLI – preaching and teaching in ASL), and Deaf Men’s Retreat & Leadership Conference (a 3-day retreat for ALL Deaf men – leaders have separate workshops all day).

Silent Word Mission Board (SWMB) – The Great Commission, “Go into all the world,” also includes the Deaf world. SWMB began in 1998 with one Deaf missionary, Allen Snare. Today, SWMB specializes in deaf ministry, and is a unique team of like-minded Deaf and hearing missionaries, working together to reach the Deaf world for Christ. Our burden since 1966 is simply to tell the Deaf, “More About Jesus!” SWMB missionaries raise missionary support to serve the Lord in the area God has called them. Current missionaries include Ted Camp (1966), then Allen Snare (1998), Reed Condra (1998), Jim Bracelin (1999), Jon Barr (2000), Bill Towner (2002), David Bennett (2004), Paul Strosnider (2005), Larry Galyen (2010), Tabitha Beam (2011), and Nicole Condra (2012).

SWM International specializes in foreign missions and special “team” mission trips under the direction of veteran foreign missionary, David Bennett. In 2012, Nicole Condra was accepted as the first missionary under SWMI.

SWM “Ministry of Helps” – SWM opens the door for many to serve the Lord full-time or temporarily in their  areas of expertise and on their schedule. Programs include an internship,  short-term, and volunteer programs. Come help us. God can use all people, young and old, and so can Silent Word Ministries.

SWM desires to help Deaf people and deaf ministry workers to achieve their full potential for Christ. If God has called you into deaf ministry or to be a missionary to Deaf people, contact: SWMB – Jon Barr (USA) or SWMI – David Bennett (Foreign).

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