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Discipleship Program

[Reprinted from 101 Deaf Soul-Wining D38]

A discipleship program was first introduced by the Lord Jesus Christ. He taught His disciples so they could teach others. It is a one-on-one program to help young Christians grow in the Word of God.  The goal is that one day the disciple will become the teacher. For many years cults have used literature with great success. This type program is used to establish strong churches on the mission field, it is used with prisoners in jail, and it should be used in our church ministries and Deaf ministries. It is a great tool to help Christians become strong and mature in the Word of God.

The Discipleship Program of God. The Lord asked His disciples “to come,” and then after three years He told them “to go” and teach others what they had learned. This is God’s only program.  Remember, it took the Lord three years to disciple others, so be patient and continue to disciple until they are able to disciple others. You need to develop a good discipleship program to develop leaders.  Be sure that deaf people are also qualified with Bible and church standards. After you train them, you are ready to go to the next level. Establishing a ministry that involves Deaf people who also become active in ministry.  Be willing to step back and let Deaf people do the ministry. Let the Deaf grow! Remember, it is a deaf ministry!  Train Deaf to become leaders who will train others to become leaders.

Teach the Deaf – To Reach the Deaf.

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