Good Witness Questions To Ask Deaf People

  1. What sin?
  2. Who sin?
  3. Why people sin?
  4. How person forgiven sin and saved?
  5. You have sin. You finished saved – Why?

Important: Do not ask yes or no questions, but have them tell you in their own words what or who they are trusting for salvation. Example: Ask, “Are you saved?” They will sign yes. Ask the question. Why? Listen carefully for a good Bible answer. Sometimes they will answer baptism, church, or a different religion. There are many different religions, but there is only one Gospel. Explain: “I am sorry, but baptism and church will not save you. Only Christ can save you.” Be prepared to explain and answer what the Bible teaches.

The Right Answer Ask: “If you died now, would you go to Heaven?” Ask Why? (Right answer) “ I am going to Heaven, because I prayed and accepted Jesus Christ.” If they are not sure or don’t know, ask, “Did you pray and accept Jesus as in John 1:12?” Explain that God promised that if they accepted Jesus Christ they are born into the family of God. They are saved according to the Bible. God cannot lie!

Draw The Net – Ask, “Do you want to pray with me now and be saved? You can now pray and be saved. Only God can create the heaven and earth and only God can save you. God understands Sign Language. I want to be sure I meet you in Heaven.” Pause and look them in the eyes and ask, “Do you want to pray with me and be saved, now?” If they sign Yes, then lead them in prayer. Tell them to copy and pray with you. Sign “Copy me now!”

Ask the Deaf to pray with you to God (Sign: Copy me – You pray to God)

“Dear God, I know I am a sinner.  I don’t want to go to Hell, but I want to go to Heaven.  I now want Jesus Christ to save me and forgive my sins. I believe Jesus died, rose from the grave, and now lives to save me. I now accept Jesus. I am now saved.”

“The greatest need of a deaf person is not to hear, but to be saved. In Heaven he will hear forever.” – Ted Camp


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